I’m exhausted. And depressed. Who picked this damn lake?

Anyway, twenty-three of us fished Long Pond in Freetown/Lakeville today. Eleven anglers had limits. Bruce, who is laid up with a back injury, judged today, and said mid-lake seemed to be the most productive area.

Whatever the case, five anglers put enough fish on the board to walk away with some cash. =)

We ran an optional pickerel lunker pool today, and [a cheater] took home close to $200 for his 23-inch snot rocket.

There was a tie for overall lunker between Paulo DeMorais and Kevin Amaral Jr. Per KBF rules, ties are broken by upload time. Can’t say I’m a big fan of this rule (think we’ll change it next year), but this time it went to Paulo, who caught his fish early while Kevin caught his in the last hour.

But hey, Kevin’s 18.75 was a seven-inch upgrade, bumping him up six places to fifth with 73.75. Not bad!

Lee Kennon also surged up the leader board in the final hours, finding a sweet spot in a small cove and putting a number of upgrades on the board. His 75 inches of bass was good enough for fourth place.

Mike Elrick took a page out of John Ferreira’s playbook and pulled off a third-place finish by tossing a ned rig in weeds. I can’t figure out how to make this technique work, but it certainly does. Mike had 75.75 inches. Great job, man!

Also putting 75.75 inches on the board, with a bigger fish being the tie breaker—Bruno Casagrande! Good enough for second place.

Anyone who pays attention to the various local fishing groups knows that Paulo DeMorais is a hell of a fisherman. He’s been in the money twice already this year, and today makes three and his first MAKB victory! Paulo won by four inches, with 79.75. Congrats, sir. Well done!

Full results here.

As always, thanks for coming out. We had a new angler, Chris Nardi, join us today, along with Chris Catucci. Don’t think Nardi has a Facebook account, but if you see this, Chris, it was great meeting you (should have said this at the end, but I was distracted as always). Hope to see you at another one! You too, Catucci.

Thanks to Bruce for judging and giving Sarah a well-deserved break.

Our next event is the Three Lake Throwdown. Random draw “mystery” event, though you’ll get one of three lakes—Norton Reservoir, Lake Sabbatia, or Lake Nippenicket. With plenty of room for all, registration will open TOMORROW night.