Earlier this morning, at 8:18 AM, I got a phone call. The person on the other end, voice shaking, said, “What’s the club record?”

That record—95.25, caught by me at Snipatuit Pond in 2016—has fallen.

(That was the official regular-season record. Chris Catucci put up 96.50 in a post-season event in 2020.)

I didn’t fish the Nashua River event today. I was fishing the Kayak Fishing League event and my Kayak Bass Bracket Tour match at Snipatuit Pond, of all places. I had a good day. But it doesn’t compare.

Seventeen anglers made the trek up to the Nashua River today. With 17 anglers, we’re paying out just four spots and lunker.

This is how it broke down…

Lunker Snapper – Steve O’Brien (26 lb)
Lunker Pickerel – Ray Figueroa (19.75)
Lunker- Bruce Levy (21.50)

5th Place – Christopher Nardi (72.00)
4th Place – Nate Chagnon (77.00)
3rd Place – Donald Davis (79.75)
2nd Place – Kevin P Amaral (81.50)
1st Place – Bruce Levy

Remember that phone call from 8:18 AM? That was Bruce calling. He had the tournament won at that point, and will likely hold the club record for biggest limit for as long as this group exists.

Bruce’s biggest five bass totaled a MONSTROUS…102.50!

Unreal. Holy crap. What a day! LEGEND!

For a day.

Congrats to everyone, but bow down to the GOAT!

But not for too long.

Watch Bruce discuss his epic day on The Breakdown with John Ferreira.

Check out the full standings here.