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Tough Conditions and Stingy Bites

The guarantee of cold, wind, rain, and a tough bite didn’t stop twenty-five of MAKB’s most dedicated anglers from hitting A-1 yesterday morning for the Eastern Division opener.

Before launch, the wind was relatively light, and it seemed like maybe the day wouldn’t be as bad as expected. The moment we launched, however, Mother Nature said, “Psyche!” The wind kicked up, the cold cut through, and not long after the rain rolled in. The……

Dogfight at Quaboag Pond

Before I get going on how the first MAKB Western Division tourney played out, I’d just like to thank Ken Wood for letting Nelson da Costa and myself roll out a division on this side of the state. I’ve said it before, but if we manage to run things even half as smoothly as he does, then I’ll consider it a success. Also a huge thanks to Nelson for stepping up to help me……

Slaughter at Oldham

We all know what can happen when fishing in late fall: feast or famine, either a whiz-bang-pow lights-out kind of day or it’s a struggle.

For most of us at yesterday’s mystery event on Oldham, it was more of the latter.

It was for me, at least. Knowing that a 54-degree water temp was still relatively warm and that some fish would still be active shallow, I focused on a deeper bite, spending most……

And the 2020 Knockout Series Champion Is…

The 2020 Knockout Series kind of flew under the radar this year, for whatever reason. Some of you reading this may not even know what it is.

The Knockout Series is a bracketed series we started back in 2016 and have run every year since. Turnout this season was lower than last year, but still thirty-two anglers signed up and battled it out in head-to-head matches over the course of the season. Four rounds……

One Big Fish, One Big Win

Well, that’s all she wrote! The 2019 regular season is in the books.

Twenty-six of MAKB’s finest fished Long Pond and Little Long Pond in Plymouth today for our season closer. Many who pre-fished reported less than stellar results, lots of small fish, and…that’s pretty much how it played out today.

As always, we also ran some optional lunker pools. This time smallmouth and pickerel.

Valber Santos walked away with the pickerel cash. He……

Brazil Takes the Win (and Thanks, Sarah)

Twenty-three of us hit Lake Massapoag early this morning for the second to last regular-season event of the year, and the lake was in a giving mood. Everyone caught at least one fish! Cool.

First, thanks for judging, Sarah.

We paid out five spots, the 50/50 raffle, plus lunker pools for largemouth, smallmouth, and pickerel.

Gerard won the 50/50 raffle. Second time this year!

Ari Stonehill smashed a massive 27-inch, 5-plus-pound pickerel, which was more……

Crushing the Competition

This past Saturday Massachusetts Kayak Bassin’ ventured north of Boston to Upper and Lower Mystic Lakes in Medford. Twenty-two anglers made the trip.

We made this one a roadrunner event, which allowed anglers to launch from any public launch area on either lake, but most dropped into Upper Mystic from the main ramp, while four of us gave Lower a go.

The baitfish were going crazy in the morning, right at the ramp and along the……

A Sweet Victory Turned Sour

Thirty anglers fished our annual Three Lake Throwdown today, nine of which were at Lake Sabbatia, ten at Lake Nippenicket, and eleven at Neponset Reservoir.

The weather was hot, mostly sunny, but at least at Nippenicket it was pretty windy at times, which took the sting off the heat somewhat.

I don’t know all the details on how the other lakes fished, but it seemed like there was a decent bite going……

First MAKB Victory

I’m exhausted. And depressed. Who picked this damn lake?

Anyway, twenty-three of us fished Long Pond in Freetown/Lakeville today. Eleven anglers had limits. Bruce, who is laid up with a back injury, judged today, and said mid-lake seemed to be the most productive area.

Whatever the case, five anglers put enough fish on the board to walk away with some cash. =)

We ran an optional pickerel lunker pool today,……

Experience Pays Off

Thirty-three anglers fished Lake Cochituate today, our second biggest turnout ever, and our biggest turnout for a single-lake event (we had 37 fish our Lake Rico/Neponset Reservoir season opener).

It was a great day to fish, with a little wind that only really kicked up at the end of the day, as we all sat there and watched those renting kayaks struggle against the gusts and waves. Pretty irresponsible of that company to continue renting……