On Saturday evening, July 20, 2019, it was determined that the winner of the Massachusetts Kayak Bassin’ (MAKB) Three Lake Throwdown, Renato Serrocha, from Rhode Island, submitted two photos of the same bass, using photos taken two minutes apart but submitted four hours apart. Independent reviews by MAKB, Kayak Bass Fishing, LLC (KBF), and an impartial third-party reached the same conclusion: the double submission was intentional, representing a deliberate attempt to defraud.

In keeping with KBF policy, Serrocha’s competition privileges as well as his social media privileges have been indefinitely revoked. As the matter has been referred to law enforcement officials for investigation, no further details will be publicly provided at this time.

Serrocha has refunded his winnings, the tournament standings have been corrected, and the true winners of the event have been paid what they rightfully earned.

The viability of kayak bass fishing competition depends on the integrity and honor of each person involved. Participation in such events is a privilege. Anglers who abuse that privilege—who break faith with the kayak fishing community by intentionally falsifying results or skirting rules and regulations in order to create unfair advantages for themselves—have that privilege revoked.

Renato Serrocha has been permanently banned from fishing MAKB and KBF events. It is recommended that other New England kayak fishing trails follow suit. If you are a local tournament director and wish to see the evidence we gathered, please message me and I will privately share it with you in confidence.