We fished Neponset Reservoir today for the seventh stop on this year’s trail. We had 12 anglers show up, which was great considering the forecast.

Luckily there were no thunderstorms, though rain probably would have been nice. It was pretty hot out there. Definitely not as hot as I expected, though, thanks to a strong breeze. It was bearable. Whenever I got out of the wind, though, I could hear my skin sizzling. Haha.

Anyway, at launch my father and I made a B line to the big cove to the right of the launch area. That cove gave him a tournament win in 2014 and me one last year. I spent an hour or two in there, but it didn’t produce much at all, just three dinks and some pickerel.

I caught a ton of fish throughout the day, but all small. I ended up with 63.75 inches. Not very good.

It was a dinkfest in general, which is typical of Neponset; but in between all those dinks, some guys found the bigger fish.

Chris Diranian found five good ones for a total of 71.5 inches, which put him in the winner’s circle at third place.

Edward Neely reeled in 77 inches of bass, anchored by a 19.5-inch slob. Both good enough for second place and lunker.

Late in the day, Evan McCarthy tied on a Whopper Plopper and launched a Hail Mary cast, hooked up, and then tossed it some more. And it paid off. All that whopping and plopping was like a dinner bell to some of the bigger fish buried down in the weeds. He took first place—back-to-back victories—with 77.5 inches.

Good work, fellas! Congrats!

As always, thanks for coming out, everyone. Good to see some new faces out there as well.

The next tournament is on August 27, at Dudley Pond.