Well, if you’re sick of fishing rivers as much as I am, I have some good news: no more river tournaments this year!

I think. I hope. We do still need to make up one of our canceled dates. Taunton River again?

Anyway, today marked our fifth tournament of the season and second on the Charles River. During our last tournament on the river, only one angler broke 75 inches, and he did it in a big way, putting up 89.25 inches overall.

Eleven anglers crossed the 75-inch line today, with three going past 80 inches. Definitely a better day than last time, that’s for sure.

For this one, I wanted to get away from the crowds, so I scouted a few areas I’d never fished before. I put up 72 inches at one spot on Wednesday and 86 on Thursday at a different spot. I gambled on the latter, hoping that the handful of laydowns that produced on Thursday would do so again today.

Thankfully, most of them did.

Here are the official results pending any protests:

Pickerel Lunker: Ari Stonehill (17.25)
Lunker: Ken Wood (19.25)

Fifth Place: Lee Kennon (77.50)
Fourth Place: Valber Santos (79.00)
Third Place: Steve Scott (80.25)
Second Place: Domenic Eno (82.25)
First Place: Ken Wood (84.00)

Congrats, gentlemen. Great job out there!

(Now, if Lee hadn’t caught that 17.75 and 16.50 on back to back casts right next to me, I might have also won the KBF Trail event. Haha.)

Find the full results here.

Since I’m fishing again tomorrow, payments will likely go out on Monday. =)

Our next event will be our annual random-draw Three Lake Throwdown event on August 15. Good luck to everyone taking another swing at the Charles tomorrow for the second KBF Trail event.