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Tied Up on the Charles River

The Charles River played host to the sixth Eastern Division event of the season today. Twenty-seven anglers fished this one, launching from various locations along the near 70-mile river boundary.

The water is higher than normal, the current swifter, which made the bite much tougher than it usually is this time of year.

The leaderboard changed quite a bit throughout the day, as anglers started putting the pieces together. Every time I checked the……

A Gamble Pays Off

Well, if you’re sick of fishing rivers as much as I am, I have some good news: no more river tournaments this year!

I think. I hope. We do still need to make up one of our canceled dates. Taunton River again?

Anyway, today marked our fifth tournament of the season and second on the Charles River. During our last tournament on the river, only one angler broke 75 inches, and he did it……

Crushed It on the Charles

The first official event of 2020 is in the books!

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we ran this event as a “roadrunner” event, which allowed anglers to launch from any public ramp/launch area within certain boundaries, roughly Millis to Boston. With anglers spread out over such a wide area, I’m not sure how things specifically played out for everyone, so this is more of an individual write-up on my day.

We had 21 anglers,……

Announcing the New England KBF Partner Trail Series

It started as an idea. A single regional event, hosted by many of New England’s and New York’s various kayak fishing groups, working together instead of against each for the good of the sport.

That was 2018, and we ran out of time.

We readdressed the idea again last year, thought that a standalone regional trail series would work even better. Instead of all groups working on one huge event, allow one or a few to……

Last-Minute Surge to the Top

Eight down, five to go. Depressing, huh?

Twenty-four of us hit the Charles River in Waltham this morning. The day started a bit chilly, but quickly heated up with the sun glaring down on us and not even a whisper of wind to be found until later in the day. And of course it was too windy at that point.

The first bass hit the scoreboard at 6:06 AM……

Limits! Limits! Limits!

Twelve of us fished the Charles River today, and all of us caught limits! That’s the first time everyone has caught a limit in one of our events.

We launched from four different areas along the river, between Millis and Dover.

Steve Scott landed the day’s lunker: a hefty 20-incher with a funky three-fingered tail.

In the last 45 minutes, Valber Santos put two on the board that bumped him……