It was a wild one today!

I expected the cold, the wind, and the rain, but the snow was a nice touch by Mother Nature. As soon as we launched, it got a bit nasty, but it wasn’t too bad after that. For a while, anyway.

The main lake, obviously, took the brunt of the wind and the conditions were sketchy for those who fished out there.

Despite the conditions and the tough bite for most, one angler gave us all a hardcore beatdown.

But before we get to him…

In fifth place was Gerard Elias, who left early but was apparently on a decent bite with two 18.25s!

John Ferreira also left early, but still put up enough for fourth place with 42.75.

I finished in third place with 59.50, and also nabbed pickerel lunker with a 25.75. I probably caught a dozen just as big off of one tree. Not exaggerating!

Shuffling his way in second place: Nate Chagnon. He had 66.25.

We’ve had four events thus far in 2024, and Matthew Conant has won three of them. Putting us all on notice!

Today, Matt had 93.75, the only angler to catch a limit, let alone cull—and culled FOUR times! Guess it pays to pre-fish! You also gotta know how to catch them, and Matt clearly does. He also had the event lunker at 21 inches, and he nabbed the Double Down as well.

Not bad for a miserable day. Great job, man!

And everyone else in the money or those who just caught fish and braved the conditions, congrats!

Special nod to Alex Weisheit, who, surprisingly, caught the only smallmouth! Crazy.

Oh, and we can’t forget to show some love to the luckiest angler of the event, Bobby Tran Jr., who not only parked on the wrong side of the road, but IN the road right before a curve ! For eight hours! And he only got a $40 ticket.

Clearly, Bobby is the true winner of this event!

Check out the full results here.

The next MAKB event is tomorrow on Webster Lake. This is a Central Division event. Spots still open!

The next Eastern Division event is on May 18 at Snipatuit Pond.