With our season officially kicking off in April, we’ve been getting a lot of questions from new members. If you are new, please read The Essentials page here on our website. That covers the essential things you need to know before fishing your first event.

A few other important things…

• You must be an active paid member to fish our live or online events. Exceptions to this are our Cold Water Series events and our Knockout Series. All other events require a membership.

• All of our online events are open for registration now (please only buy one ticket for our monthly challenges).

• All of our live events open for registration the Sunday before the event at 7 PM.

As noted when becoming a member, purchasing a membership does not guarantee you a spot in our live events, as we are restricted to how many anglers we can have at each event by state law. So if you want to fish an event, be ready to register at 7 PM the Sunday before the event.

Luckily, with four divisions, we rarely max out events these days. But that will likely change as more and more people join each division.

• If you haven’t already, please utilize our Test Tournament on Fishing Chaos to familiarize yourself with the app. It’ll also give us a chance to verify if your settings are correct and help you fix them if not.

• Lastly, READ THE RULES! All caps. Please read the rules. We do not like disqualifying anglers, deny fish, or deducting length from a submission. When we have to do this, it is usually because someone was not familiar with the rules.

If you have any questions, as always, please reach out.