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A Gamble Pays Off

Well, if you’re sick of fishing rivers as much as I am, I have some good news: no more river tournaments this year!

I think. I hope. We do still need to make up one of our canceled dates. Taunton River again?

Anyway, today marked our fifth tournament of the season and second on the Charles River. During our last tournament on the river, only one angler broke 75 inches, and he did it……

Dominant Dominik

Yesterday, twenty-seven of MAKB’s finest hit the Nashua River for our fourth event of the season!

No one launched north of the covered bridge in Groton, so as suspected there doesn’t appear to be any easily found launches up that way, if any at all.

Also, no smallmouth was caught, so I don’t know if the information I received was incorrect or if they’re just not abundant south of Groton. Either way, everyone who……

D’Addeo Does It Again!

The Taunton River tournament is done, and it has been banished to the black list for all time! If it gets voted in again? Executive veto! Haha.

Surprisingly, a lot of fish were caught. I caught a ton myself, mostly small, but I put together a decent limit when all was said and done. I lost a giant at the end (the winning fish), which still has me confused. The thing hit my chatterbait three……

Crushed It on the Charles

The first official event of 2020 is in the books!

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we ran this event as a “roadrunner” event, which allowed anglers to launch from any public ramp/launch area within certain boundaries, roughly Millis to Boston. With anglers spread out over such a wide area, I’m not sure how things specifically played out for everyone, so this is more of an individual write-up on my day.

We had 21 anglers,……