Yesterday, twenty-seven of MAKB’s finest hit the Nashua River for our fourth event of the season!

No one launched north of the covered bridge in Groton, so as suspected there doesn’t appear to be any easily found launches up that way, if any at all.

Also, no smallmouth was caught, so I don’t know if the information I received was incorrect or if they’re just not abundant south of Groton. Either way, everyone who got in on that lunker pool will be refunded tonight.

Going in, I had expectations of countless blow-ups as I chucked a frog all day long. At least for me, that didn’t happen. I brought two frog rods—one for a hollow body, and the other for a soft plastic frog—and I didn’t get a single damn blow-up all day. I’m still confused.

Even more confusing, Kevin Amaral Jr. said he got all his fish on the frog and, at least for a time, I was fishing in the same general area as he was. Go figure!

Most of my fish came on a chatterbait, while the others came on a soft-plastic “thingy.” And I didn’t catch many, which was also baffling. Not sure if the cooler temps the night before affected the bite, but it wasn’t there for me.

I kept grinding, though, running about three miles south looking for a bigger bite, and it came around 12:30 PM…and I lost it. A giant, but for some reason I thought it was smaller than it was, so I tried to muscle it into the net. It went on a run, pulling drag, jumped, and came unbuttoned (see the video below). Heartbreaking.

Anyway, that was my day, how was yours?

Here are the official results pending any protests…

Pickerel Lunker: Scott Weismann (19.00)
Lunker: Peter Arruda (20.25)

Fifth Place: John Ferreira (72.75)
Fourth Place: Valber Santos (72.75)
Third Place: Kevin Amaral Jr. (74.75)
Second Place: Donald Davis (79.50)
First Place: Shawn Dominik (80.00)

Like our last event, one good fish or two decent ones would have vaulted anyone in the top 16 into the top five.

So congrats to those who did find (and land) the right fish!

Standings can be found here on TourneyX.

Our next event is once again on the Charles River on August 1. Same deal as last time. This time, we are also hosting a KBF Trail Event, and another one the following day. Let’s have a huge turnout for this one, guys!

If you are not currently a KBF member and want to fish the Trail Event, head over to KBF and join. You may, however, just fish our event if you want to.