What a dreary day!

Eight of us made the trek out to Billington Sea to fish the second MAKB tournament of the year. It was foggy/misty, breezy, and cold. Water temps were in the mid-50s for the most part. Not the best of conditions, and definitely not as good as it was looking just a day or two ago. But there were a decent number of fish caught.

We decided against doing a separate lunker pool for smallies, since rarely more than one or two are caught in a tournament, if any. Bummer for Donald “Dropshot” Davis since he caught a fat 16.25-inch smallmouth, probably the biggest I’ve seen come out of that place. He had two more fish, all caught on a dropshot, for a total of 48.75 inches.

That was good for third place. He also took home the lunker prize with a 17.25-inch largemouth. Nice!

At launch, I made my way directly across the lake. I was going to try to find my way into Trask Pond. But then I realized I’d forgotten the remote for my Power Pole, so back across the pond I went. (Never did make it into the pond, if you can even get into it.)

After getting the remote, I paddled out to the island, tossed a white spinnerbait into a laydown (all my bass came on the spinnerbait), and nailed my first and biggest bass of the day. Good thing I forgot that remote!

I managed two more not long after that, then lost one later in the day because, for some dumb reason, as I was reaching for my net, I thought, “Nah, just flip it.” Fail. Luckily I managed one more at 1:47 PM, on my way back to the ramp, but that lost fish hurt because it cost me the win.

I ended up with a total of 49.25 inches which was enough for second place.

(Four of us also chipped in five beans apiece for a pickerel lunker pool, and I was lucky/unlucky enough to land a 3lb 6oz aquatic snot rocket to increase my bean count by fifteen.)

Edward Neely came all the way from Springfield with borrowed gear, after some lowlife turd stole his rods. This didn’t stop him from hauling in four solid bass for 52 inches and the win!

So a big congrats to Ed! Use that trophy wisely…you know, for, like, bludgeoning to death fishing-pole thieves or something. Haha!

And thanks for traveling so far, man. I appreciate it!

Congrats to Don as well. And a respectful nod to Chris Diranian and Mike Elrick, both of whom had three fish each for 39 inches and 33.75 inches, respectively (Chris had third place until I caught that last-minute bass).

Our next tournament is in three weeks at Oldham Pond in Pembroke. Hope to see a good turnout! Great little pond.