And that’s a wrap! The first tournament is in the books, and it was brutal.

The wind blew so hard, there was a point where Ken—in his brand new Jackson Big Rig—couldn’t get ahead of it and thought he was going to be stranded on the other side of the lake. We all got our butts kicked by mother nature today.

And Don.

Don made the decision to break from the group and hop over to Robbins Pond first thing in the morning and it paid off big-time. He caught four over there early, and then caught a last-minute 13.5-incher in Stump Pond to fill out his limit for a total of 64.5 inches!

That was more than enough to take first place, $350, and a sweet trophy.

Second place went to Chris Diranian, with two fish for 29.25 inches. That netted him $100, and he also got $50 for lunker (15.75 inches).

Ken Wood managed to catch a 12.75-inch bass at the end of the day, which was good enough for third place, $50, and his dignity. He would like to personally thank Tom Padovano for leaving early, because his 14-inch dink would have beaten Ken’s dink.

(We’re talking about fish here, by the way.)

Anyway, we had 11 anglers total. Not a bad turnout at all. Good seeing some new faces and meeting new people. We hope you all join us again. The next tournament is May 7 at Billington Sea.

Congrats again, boys!