So we had 23 anglers today! Our biggest turnout to date. And on a relatively crappy day, too. Pretty awesome!

It rained off and on throughout the day, heavily for a bit. My wife texted me a little after noon and said, “Sucks to be you!” Then she warned me about a storm that was clobbering Taunton and then heading our way—torrential downpours, thunder, lightning, and hail! Luckily it passed just west of us. Dodged a bullet there.

Anyway, I expected a tough bite today, and it was for some. Even I struggled for most of the day, but I managed to put together a decent limit by 9 AM. I got two small upgrades after that, but otherwise it was losing battle for me. I did manage to come in fifth, though, with 73.25 inches (we paid out five spots today).

Coming in fourth place, with 78 inches, was none other than Bruce Levy. This is the seventh time Bruce has placed in the money this year, not including his two lunker wins.

Lots of big fish were caught today, including four over 20 inches. Jesse Brady caught one of them—a solid 20 even—which helped him reach 80.75 inches and secure third place!

Oh, and speaking of big fish—lunker! Forgot about that. (Screw it. We’ll have to do this out of order.) Lunker went to Jesse Phipps, who landed a 21.25-inch tank! Congrats, man!

Two people found more than one really good fish today. One of them was Lee Kennon, who pulled in 87.25 inches of bass. That was good enough for second!

Like Mike Elrick did last tournament, today someone made some late-day moves and muscled his way into first place. That was Domenic Eno, who, at 2:24 PM, flipped a 20.50 slob into the yak. That propelled him to the top with 88.25 inches! Congrats, dude!

And to everyone else, as always!

(No pictures today. Sorry!)

Check out the full results on TourneyX.

Thanks again for coming out, guys. Really appreciate it. Great seeing some new faces out there, too!

We have two regular-season events left this year. The next one is on October 14 at Lake Rico in Taunton. This is our annual NO LIMIT event. Every fish over 12 inches counts! Bring your senkos! Haha.

If interested, check out this link for more info: