The first Cold Water Series event of 2024 went down this past Saturday, and it was a tough one for most of us. We fished Snipatuit instead of Billington Sea due to ice.

Winter fishing can be tough, and it often is around here. For a long time today, only a crappie and a pickerel were on the board, then a few more pickerel, but no bass.

Around 10 AM, Joshua Carvalho put up the day’s first bass. Shortly after, Mike Morcone was on the board. At this point, we assumed little would change by the end of the tournament. Then, out of nowhere, in a little over 30 minutes, Mike had 69.25 inches!

He found an area where they were stacked, and he just dialed it in from there.

In similar fashion, Derek Brundle found fish in a short period of time. He put up his first bass at 1:16 and his last at 2:56.

Mike had 81.50 and Derek had 77.50, besting the rest of the field by a wide margin.

Congrats to Joshua (30.25), Matthew Conant (15.25), and Steve Hedges (12.50) for being the only others who caught a bass. Joshua also had pickerel lunker (23.50), Steve had crappie lunker (13.25), and Derek had event lunker (17.25).

Check out the full results here.

Congrats, dudes. Great job!