It’s taken a few years, but MAKB jerseys and hoodies are finally available again!

Newly designed, you can order yours here on our Thrasher Sports Apparel page.

There are two versions available to you:


The standard MAKB jersey/hoodie features all our sponsor logos, which cannot be altered or removed. Just add your first and last name and choose which division you’re in (if you have the Online Series membership, just choose the division closest to you).


The custom jersey/hoodie allows you to customize the jersey as you see fit, save for our logos and the American flag. If you would like to represent our sponsors but are also sponsored by a competing company, feel free to add all our other sponsors as you see fit.

Follow this link to order the standard jersey/hoodie, or from there click Add Your Own Sponsors to access the custom jersey/hoodie page.

If you have any questions, let us know!