Ye Olde Ham is a wrap! We had eight anglers. Weather was great. Hot, but breezy enough that it wasn’t unbearable. Can’t say the same about the pleasure boaters. Maniacs, all of them! One of our guys was knocked out of his yak thanks to a boat that nearly hit him. Another angler helped a couple who were knocked from their canoe for the same reason. And at the end of the day, by the ramp, we watched as two swimmers were nearly decapitated by a boat.

That said…

Ken Wood started out fishing docks, but caught nothing but a giant crappie. He worked his way down the shoreline toward the back of the pond, picking up a few bass along the way. When all was said and done, his best five went 76.50 inches, which landed him in third place.

First-timer Craig Page hauled in 78.25 inches for second place. Congrats, Craig! Good too see some new blood out there.

Then there was first…

And Donald Davis did it once again! With a hefty “bag” of five bass that went 82.75 inches! He also took lunker with an 18.25-inch chunk.

So there you have it. Another successful tournament! Thanks a ton for coming out, guys. We appreciate it! And congrats!

Ponkapoag is next! June 11.