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A Come-from-Behind Victory

Well, that was fun!

We had 22 anglers compete at Oldham today. Our biggest turnout yet! Awesome.

The weather was great, if maybe a bit too calm at times. But it was a good day, and a lot of good-size bass were caught!

I got on fish early, had my first bass in the net at 7:03 and a decent limit by 9 AM, with my fifth bass being a smallmouth—at Oldham! Who the hell put smallies in there? A couple minutes after I caught that one, I lost another, and it looked big!

Anyway, I upgraded a few times but didn’t catch anything after 12:35 PM. When I turned off the standings at 1 PM, I was in first place…

And Steve Scott was in second place. Unfortunately in the last two hours he was bumped down to fifth place (we paid out five spots today). He had a respectable 79 inches.

Both Bruce Levy and Mark Johnson ended up with 83.25 inches, good enough for third and fourth place, respectively (because Bruce had the bigger bass).

Unfortunately for me, my 83.50 inches was booted out of first place and into second place in the last two hours—by someone who had just two fish at 1 PM!

That rude individual was Mike Elrick!

Not only did Mike add 51 inches to the board between 1:40 and 2:22 PM to secure the win by over five inches, he had the day’s biggest bass: a fat ol’ 20.50-incher!

Talk about a come-from-behind victory! Awesome job, Mike!

And congrats to everyone else in the top five.

You can see the full results on TourneyX.

Anyway, it was great seeing some new faces out there—Ari , Ben, Jay, and Tom! Great seeing everyone else again, as well.

And thanks for the help, Bruce and Donald, and Peter!

Our next tournament is on September 30, at East/West Monponsett. We’ll be launch from the west side, but you can go under the road and fish east as well. Hope to see you there!

Fishing Was Good—Pleasure Boaters, Not So Much

Ye Olde Ham is a wrap! We had eight anglers. Weather was great. Hot, but breezy enough that it wasn’t unbearable. Can’t say the same about the pleasure boaters. Maniacs, all of them! One of our guys was knocked out of his yak thanks to a boat that nearly hit him. Another angler saw and help a couple who were knocked from their canoe for the same reason. And at the end of the day, by the ramp, we watched as two swimmers were nearly decapitated by a boat.

That said…

My plan was to start fishing the docks to the left of the ramp—but then Edmar called me and Edward and Chris got to the docks first. Pffft!

So I crossed the pond, fished a few docks over there, and hooked up with my first bass in some sparse pads. There used to be a lot more in this spot and many others, so they might have treated the lake for weeds. Anyone know?

From there I followed the shoreline and picked up a few on the Fat Ika, and a few more on the frog at the back of the pond.

A lot of bass, many of them over 4 pounds, were on beds. Some were protecting fry, but others were acting like they were protecting eggs. Waters temps were near 80 degrees, though, so I would think they’d have spawned out long ago.

Maybe they didn’t get the memo. Haha. Or, hell, maybe they were protecting eggs. Who knows?

I lost a number of bass and landed six total. When all was said and done, my best five went 76.50 inches and were good enough for third place.

First-timer Craig Page bested me with 78.25, which landed him in second place. Congrats, man! Good too see some new blood out there.

And then there was first…

And Donald Davis did it once again! With a hefty “bag” of five bass that went 82.75 inches! He also took lunker with an 18.25-inch chunk.

Don and Craig, I think, each caught their best five on senkos.

(Note to self: When the rod strapped down right next to you is rigged with a senko, use it.)

So there you have it. Another successful tournament! Thanks a ton for coming out, guys. I appreciate it! And congrats!

Ponkapoag is next! June 11.