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Slaughter at Oldham

We all know what can happen when fishing in late fall: feast or famine, either a whiz-bang-pow lights-out kind of day or it’s a struggle.

For most of us at yesterday’s mystery event on Oldham, it was more of the latter.

It was for me, at least. Knowing that a 54-degree water temp was still relatively warm and that some fish would still be active shallow, I focused on a deeper bite, spending most……

Get Outta My Spot!

Yesterday, eighteen of us ventured to Oldham Pond for a post-season team/zone event. Anglers were paired randomly and then one drew for their starting zone, A or B. Anglers then fished each zone for four hours.

It was not our most efficiently run event, new format and all, but we made it through. Definitely needs some tweaks if we’re to ever do it again.

Because we were fishing Oldham, we ran an……

Throwin’ Down

Today, thirty anglers threw down at the Three Lake Throwdown!

Honey, I shrunk the photographer.

The Three Lake Throwdown was an idea Donald Davis suggested while we were all up in Maine fishing the KBF Trail event on Lake Messalonskee. We needed to change locations for one of our dates, so he suggested we fish three lakes—Oldham Pond, Robbins/Stump Pond, and West/East Monponsett—on the same day…….

Oldham All-Nighter

This past Friday night was my first time running an MAKB tournament, and I feel like it went fairly smooth!

We fished Oldham Pond in Pembroke, and had 14 anglers fish this impromptu night event. We paid out three spots and offered an optional lunker pool in three categories: largemouth, smallmouth, and crappie. Unfortunately, not one of us was able to pluck from the lake any of the rare but present smallies or the monster……

A Come-from-Behind Victory

Well, that was fun!

We had 22 anglers compete at Oldham today. Our biggest turnout yet! Awesome.

The weather was great, if maybe a bit too calm at times. But it was a good day, and a lot of good-size bass were caught!

At 1 PM, when the standings were turned off, Ken Wood was in first place and Steve Scott was in second. Unfortunately in the last two hours,……

Fishing Was Good—Pleasure Boaters, Not So Much

Ye Olde Ham is a wrap! We had eight anglers. Weather was great. Hot, but breezy enough that it wasn’t unbearable. Can’t say the same about the pleasure boaters. Maniacs, all of them! One of our guys was knocked out of his yak thanks to a boat that nearly hit him. Another angler helped a couple who were knocked from their canoe for the same reason. And at the end of the day,……