The first official event of 2020 is in the books!

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we ran this event as a “roadrunner” event, which allowed anglers to launch from any public ramp/launch area within certain boundaries, roughly Millis to Boston. With anglers spread out over such a wide area, I’m not sure how things specifically played out for everyone, so this is more of an individual write-up on my day.

We had 21 anglers, so we’re paying out five spots, plus lunker and pickerel lunker.

For me, my spot just didn’t pay off. I spent the first 2.5–3 hours targeting striper. They were stacked up below the Watertown Dam and I just couldn’t resist. I’ve caught some hybrids down south, just by chance, but never fished for them specifically anywhere. So yeah, wasted the first three hours doing that. Haha.

Slayed them, too. Had a blast!

I don’t think losing those hours would have made much of a difference; I just wasn’t in a productive spot today. Other spots were, though. Eleven limits were caught, and 19 anglers caught fish. Pretty good day overall. Better for some, of course, with one them crushing it!

With that said, here are your winners…

Pickerel Lunker: John Ferreira (23.25)
Lunker: Joseph Daddeo (18.75)
Fifth Place: Ryan Pierce (72.50)
Fourth Place: Ari Stonehill (73.50)
Third Place: Valber Santos (74.75)
Second Place: Steve Scott (74.75)
First Place: Joseph Daddeo (89.25)

Joe is an absolute beast, guys! When he told me where he was going to fish, I almost told him not to. It’s not a bad spot, but it’s a difficult part of the river to fish. Clearly that didn’t matter, though. With no pre-fishing, fishing the toughest section of the Charles, he wins by 14.5 inches! Badass, brotherman!

And congrats to everyone else. Great job out there. Payments will go out tomorrow, barring any protests.

Full results can be found here.

Donald Davis did all the judging today. Thanks, bro!

Our next event is June 20. Not a roadrunner event, but there are three areas to fish, two big parking areas, which should keep everyone at a safe distance from each other.

We will still do everything through PayPal and all that to limit contact, but this one should be closer to a normal live event.