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Sponsor Announcement: X Zone Lures

We are extremely excited to announce that we have partnered with X Zone Lures for the 2022 season!

With an extensive lineup of high-quality, uniquely-designed soft plastics and terminal tackle, including tungsten, and proven success on the water, X Zone Lures will make a great addition to the MAKB family!

For our members, X Zone Lures has offered a generous 30% off all online orders! We will also have……

Sponsor Announcement: Nocqua

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Nocqua Adventure Gear for the upcoming season!

At the end of each regular-season event, we will run a random number generator using the numbers 1 through 8, which will represent the hours of the tournament. The angler who submits the biggest bass during that randomly drawn hour—the Nocqua Power Hour—will win a Nocqua Powerbank and …

Sponsor Announcement: The Rod Glove

We are very happy to announce that we have partnered with The Rod Glove for the 2022 season!

Started in 2010, The Rod Glove has become the industry leader in fishing rod, reel, and bait covers. Backed by powerhouse pros like Brandon Palaniuk, Gerald Swindle, and Brent Ehrler, protecting your investment with The Rod Glove is a no-brainer!

This season, at each regular-season live event, one lucky angler……

Sponsor Announcement: Torege

We are very happy to announce that we have partnered with Torege for the upcoming season!

Torege makes high-quality sunglasses in a variety of styles for a variety of different scenarios, from biking to skiing to fishing and more. And we all know how important sunglasses are on a bright, sunny day on the water.

Torege has graciously provided a pair of their Theseus series sunglasses to give away……

Sponsor Announcement: Yakrods

Yakrods may be relatively new to the game, but they’ve made a big impact in a short period of time. And we’re thrilled to announce we have partnered with them for the 2022 season!

Yakrods has a growing line of high-end fishing rods made specifically for kayak anglers by kayak anglers, which is all backed by a lifetime warranty! Anchored by a strong pro team comprised of some of the best anglers……

Sponsor Announcement: Neverlost Gear

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Neverlost Gear for this season!

Whether you’re new to the kayak world or a seasoned veteran, the day will come when one minute you’re holding your rod or phone, and the next minute it’s sinking to the bottom of the lake. There are YouTubers making millions through views on videos where they recover all these items that……

Sponsor Announcement: Three Belles Outfitters

Kayak fishing in the Northeast has grown exponentially in recent years, due in no small part to great companies like Three Belles Outfitters, whose motto is “Life is better on the water.” As one of the biggest kayak dealers in the nation, we are very grateful that they never forget the “little guys.”

For our 2022 season, Three Belles Outfitters will be offering Massachusetts Kayak Bassin’ members additional savings……

Sponsor Announcement: Rocky Ledge Tackle

We very excited to announce that Rocky Ledge Tackle will continue to sponsor Massachusetts Kayak Bassin’ through the 2022 season!

Based in New Hampshire, Owner Jim Migliozzi makes some of the best baits around. You can expect nothing but quality from Rocky Ledge Tackle: bass fishing staples like spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and jigs, to some of the most unique baits in the game, which is what really sets them……

Sponsor Announcement: Old Glory Outdoors

We a very happy to announce that Old Glory Outdoors will once again be sponsoring Massachusetts Kayak Bassin’!

Veteran owned and operated, Old Glory Outdoors is located in East Brookfield, MA, and has an extensive lineup of rods and reels, as well as a wide variety of artificial baits and tackle, from 6th Sense to X Zone Lures to Z Man and much more. Old Glory Outdoors also has……

Old Glory Outdoors

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Old Glory Outdoors, a veteran-owned company located at 363 East Main Street in East Brookfield, MA.

Owner/CEO Joe Brown is an avid outdoorsman and tournament angler, and every employee shares the same passion and is highly knowledgeable in everything fishing-related, especially bass fishing. Considered a pro shop, Old Glory carries a large selection of tackle and gear from……