We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Neverlost Gear for this season!

Whether you’re new to the kayak world or a seasoned veteran, the day will come when one minute you’re holding your rod or phone, and the next minute it’s sinking to the bottom of the lake. There are YouTubers making millions through views on videos where they recover all these items that people lose while out on the water.

Some of them have unfortunately flipped a fully rigged kayak and lost thousands of dollars’ worth of gear in an instant. And that’s where Neverlost Gear comes in. From rod tethers to paddle leashes, drag and tow ropes to phone savers, Neverlost Gear has what you need!

And they have generously donated some of these to giveaway at our events, as well as offered all members a 10% discount on all online orders.

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