Monthly archives: September, 2017

A Come-from-Behind Victory

Well, that was fun!

We had 22 anglers compete at Oldham today. Our biggest turnout yet! Awesome.

The weather was great, if maybe a bit too calm at times. But it was a good day, and a lot of good-size bass were caught!

I got on fish early, had my first bass in the net at 7:03 and a decent limit by 9 AM, with my fifth bass being a smallmouth—at Oldham! Who the hell put smallies in there? A couple minutes after I caught that one, I lost another, and it looked big!

Anyway, I upgraded a few times but didn’t catch anything after 12:35 PM. When I turned off the standings at 1 PM, I was in first place…

And Steve Scott was in second place. Unfortunately in the last two hours he was bumped down to fifth place (we paid out five spots today). He had a respectable 79 inches.

Both Bruce Levy and Mark Johnson ended up with 83.25 inches, good enough for third and fourth place, respectively (because Bruce had the bigger bass).

Unfortunately for me, my 83.50 inches was booted out of first place and into second place in the last two hours—by someone who had just two fish at 1 PM!

That rude individual was Mike Elrick!

Not only did Mike add 51 inches to the board between 1:40 and 2:22 PM to secure the win by over five inches, he had the day’s biggest bass: a fat ol’ 20.50-incher!

Talk about a come-from-behind victory! Awesome job, Mike!

And congrats to everyone else in the top five.

You can see the full results on TourneyX.

Anyway, it was great seeing some new faces out there—Ari , Ben, Jay, and Tom! Great seeing everyone else again, as well.

And thanks for the help, Bruce and Donald, and Peter!

Our next tournament is on September 30, at East/West Monponsett. We’ll be launch from the west side, but you can go under the road and fish east as well. Hope to see you there!

Over 32,000 Inches of Bass!

Okay, folks, here it is, the official results for the first ever Northeast No Limit Showdown!

Once again, sorry for the delay in getting everything judged. The amount of fish submitted exceeded my expectations by quite a bit. I had been judging every submission each day, but once I got behind there was just no way to catch up.

Because a TON of fish were caught!

We had 40 anglers sign up, and 38 of them submitted fish—2,288, to be exact, for a ridiculous grand total of 32,592.50 inches! Crazy.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the top four and lunkers:

1st Place: Chris Marty – 4,212.75″
2nd Place – Ken Wood – 3,400.75″
3rd Place – Edmar Junior – 3,123.00″
4th Place – Tom Kringle – 2,741.75″

Lunker Largemouth: – Edmar Junior – 21.75″
Lunker Smallmouth: Chris Marty – 20.00″

Huge congrats to everyone! That was a hell of a tournament! You can check out the final results here on TourneyX.

(If anyone wishes to further judge my fish, they are all in a folder in the Photos section of our Facebook page. I will leave them in there for a week before deleting the album.)

Next year I’m not sure if we’ll do a month-long tournament. I was able to remain competitive (until my wife went on a 7-day cruise) by fishing very productive bodies of water, but it’s clear that those who can fish more have a big advantage over those who cannot and those who do not have access to lakes/ponds with an abundance of fish.

I’m not taking anything away from those who fished their asses off this month, of course; I simply think a 2-day or 3-day no limit tournament would prove to be much more competitive and rewarding for all involved.

So, at a minimum, we will do a few short ones next year, and maybe one month-long.

Anyway, thanks to all for signing up! I appreciate it. And thanks to Dwayne Walley and TourneyX for making this kind of tournament possible!

To those who placed, I will send payments in a few hours to the PayPal address through which you paid your entry fee. If you would like it sent elsewhere, please message me.

Tough Bite on Cook

Today 19 of us competed at Cook Pond in Fall River. This was our biggest turnout to date!

Unseasonably cold weather and water temps greeted us, which of course made for a tough bite for most of us. Only five limits were caught.

Things started out well enough for me. I caught three by 8 AM, but didn’t get another bite until almost 11 AM. I fished half the pond after that with no more bites, so I pulled out a frog and threw a Hail Mary cast into a small field of sparse pads. Almost immediately I caught my fifth bass.

That was 12:31. I caught four more—three of them upgrades—on the frog and in the same set of pads between then and 1:15. Pretty good run for such a small area.

Anyway, we had two lunker pools for this one, smallmouth and largemouth.

Bruce Levy walked away with $150 for the biggest smallmouth: a 14.25-incher. Looking at my photos just now, though, I realized that we actually tied for lunker. I thought my smallie was 13 inches so I never even checked! Bonehead mistake on my part. Haha.

Lunker largemouth went to newcomer Kevin Amaral Jr. He had a solid—and seriously fat—18.50.

We’d hoped to pay out five spots today, but one angler didn’t show, so we paid out four.

Fourth place went to Kevin Amaral, who was also fishing with us for the first time. He had a respectable 69.75 inches.

Bruce Levy had a good day today. Not only did he get $75 too much for lunker smallmouth, he also got another envelope full of cash for placing third with 74.25 inches.

Four of the five bass I caught on the frog toward the end of the day were enough to put me into first place with 76.25—though it was shortlived. At 2:13 PM a fish was submitted that bumped me down to second.

That fish was submitted by Chris Diranian, who bested me by .75 inches for an even 77. Great job, man!

And congrats to everyone else! Excellent job.

Check out the full results here on TourneyX.

It was great time as always, guys. Great seeing everyone again, and a pleasure seeing some new faces: Kevin and Kevin Jr., Lee, and Rj. Hope to see you at another one soon!

Speaking of another one…

Our next event is on September 16 at Oldham Pond in Pembroke. It’s a great little pond, so it should be a good day!