Well, the last Brawl of the season went down today. Fifteen anglers fished this one. It was competitive for a while…and then John Ferreira put the proverbial pedal to the metal.

I don’t have a detailed recap since we all fished different spots, so I’ll go over my day…

I fished a pond down on Cape Cod. I had high hopes going in, but the fish weren’t where I expected them to be. I figured the fish would be offshore, but if they were out there, they were hugging the bottom because I didn’t see much of anything.

Where I found fish was shallow. Real shallow, like a foot or less of water. And they were smallmouth! Crazy. They were relating to wood, in particular a laydown and bushes overhanging the water near grass.

The problem was, there is very little grass in this lake and there was literally one laydown and four or five bushes in the water. Just not enough real estate for me to be competitive. I wish I’d been able to find a secondary pattern.

But the ones I got were good ones, including an 18.5 that was lunker for the event. And I had the best five-fish limit! Not that it matters. Small victories, am I right? Haha.

Anyway, we paid out three spots, plus lunker and pickerel lunker.

Nate Chagnon nabbed pickerel lunker with a 20.75. He also took third with 255.50 inches.

Shawn Dominik was also on Cape Cod, and he was on the right bite, hauling in 358 inches for second place.

I know where John Ferreira fished. He’s been telling about the fall bite at this place, and now I’m a believer. John was hoping to hit 500 inches today, and he came pretty damn close with 492.25! That’s a new Brawl record!

Congrats, fellas! Good job out there!

Check out the final standings here.