The Monthly Online Challenge for August is complete!

Lower numbers for this one since I completely forgot to promote it (a lesson I clearly didn’t learn from), but the twelve anglers that did fish it put up some good numbers.

I wasn’t able to get out and fish much my week, but luck was on my side! Four of my five fish came from the Thursday Night Throwdown on Norton Reservoir and accounted for 74 of my 90.75 inches. Not bad for four hours on the water.

But that was still no match for the mighty Matthew Conant, who put up 97.75, with a 21-inch kicker that was the biggest of the month!

Steve Hedges was just outside the money with a solid 90.25, and Bruce Levy and I put up the month’s other 20-inchers.

Great stuff, guys! Congrats, Matt!

Full results here.