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Sponsor Announcement: Rocky Ledge Tackle

We very excited to announce that Rocky Ledge Tackle will continue to sponsor Massachusetts Kayak Bassin’ through the 2022 season!

Based in New Hampshire, Owner Jim Migliozzi makes some of the best baits around. You can expect nothing but quality from Rocky Ledge Tackle: bass fishing staples like spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and jigs, to some of the most unique baits in the game, which is what really sets them apart.

Be sure to check out the Bladed Swim Jig, Swimbait Jig, CAT5 Wakebait, Vibra-Bug Finesse Spinnerbait, and one the sweetest spinnerbaits you’ll ever fish, the Swimming Spinnerbait.

Winners of our no-limit Catch ‘Em All Brawl events this season will receive a Rocky Ledge Tackle prize pack, and all Massachusetts Kayak Bassin’ members will receive a 20% discount on all online orders.

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Sponsor Announcement: Old Glory Outdoors

We a very happy to announce that Old Glory Outdoors will once again be sponsoring Massachusetts Kayak Bassin’!

Veteran owned and operated, Old Glory Outdoors is located in East Brookfield, MA, and has an extensive lineup of rods and reels, as well as a wide variety of artificial baits and tackle, from 6th Sense to X Zone Lures to Z Man and much more. Old Glory Outdoors also has your live bait needs covered.

Owner Joe Brown is an avid outdoorsman, and it shows. Drop in and see for yourself!

At every regular season event this season, the angler who hauls in the tournament lunker—the Old Glory Outdoors Big Bass—will receive a $20 gift card. Old Glory Outdoors will also be providing an extensive prize pack for our championship, and all members will receive a 20% discount on all in-store and online orders!

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2022 Tournament Updates and Changes

As we enter our seventh season, we have some new opportunities on the horizon, as well as some changes to existing things, which you’ll want to read about below…


Due to the speed at which this sport continues to grow, especially up here in the Northeast, opportunities that just a few years ago were out of reach for many are now well within grasp. As such, we decided to include a handful of Sunday events to de-conflict with some of the other trails that anglers may want to fish this season.

We have three Sunday events lined up, all in the Eastern Division. Those dates are June 5 at Agawam Mill Pond, June 19 at Whitehall Reservoir, and July 24 on the Nashua River. So mark your calendars and don’t show up on Saturday.

Like always, registration for these events will go live at 7 PM the Sunday before. And the pre-fishing deadline will be extended by one day for Sunday events.


We’ve added a Double Down option to every Eastern Division event this season. This is an optional winner-takes-all sidepot (less credit card processing fees), which doubles the cost of the entry fee ($50). When registering for an event, you’ll be able to purchase the Double Down ticket. At the end of the event, the angler with the biggest limit who also doubled down wins it all.


The options for tie-breakers in kayak fishing are limited. Practical ones, anyway. You can go by the next biggest fish or by the first fish caught. Most people think the former is the fairest, while some think it’s the latter.

Fishing Chaos, our tournament management software, does not account for the next biggest bass when determining lunker. It will do this to determine the overall winner for an event, but not lunker. Instead, it defaults to the first fish caught.

At the end of our championship event last year, Fishing Chaos listed one angler as the winner of the lunker pool, which was a significant amount of money. Unfortunately, he wasn’t aware that the app was limited, and therefore thought he’d won. Two other anglers, however, had caught a bass the same size. Out of those three anglers, the one who caught his big fish last actually won, due to his having the next biggest fish.

We know the angler who thought he’d won was disappointed, as were we because of it.

So over the winter we discussed this and came up with a compromise. Going forward, if there is a tie for lunker, we will determine the winner by the actual length of the fish. If one fish’s tail just touches the 18-inch mark, for instance, while the other comes closer to the 18.25-inch mark, we will award the lunker prize to the angler with the longest bass based on where it lands on the measuring board, not by the last quarter-inch line it touches/crosses.

If we are unable to definitively determine the biggest bass this way, we will go to the next biggest and repeat the process, if necessary, until we determine a winner.


The first year we did Angler of the Year, it was a points-based format and it didn’t work. Three-quarters of the way through the season, it was clear that the wrong angler was going to win. So we spent some time talking with other directors around the country and we came up with a hybrid format, one that gave points based on the quality of fish caught (top 25 of the season) and where an angler finished in the standings (bonus points for the top 5 anglers).

That format worked well, but we are changing it again this season.

One mistake we think we made that first year was not having any drop-events. So in 2022, the Eastern Division will have three drop-events and the Western Division will have two. For those unfamiliar, drop-events are your worst events of the season. If you fish all ten Eastern Division events, for example, your best seven will determine your Angler of the Year ranking. Your worst three showings will be excluded.

In addition, we will be adopting a simple points-based format, the same format that KBF and EKF uses. For a more detailed breakdown, check out the Angler of the Year page here.

One of Fishing Chaos’s many great features includes a live Angler of the Year leaderboard, which changes as the standings change during a tournament. With this new format, we will be able to utilize this built-in feature, which means everything will update in real time. No more waiting for the manual update, which was very time-consuming.


The Monthly Online Challenge Series will begin in April. Anglers will once again be required to choose the week they want to fish when registering. We understand this is a gamble to some extent, not knowing what the conditions will be when signing up if, for instance, you choose Week 4, but…that’s part of the challenge.

By only being able to fish a week, this levels the playing field to some extent, giving all anglers a better chance at winning.


We will continue to do the Catch ‘Em All Brawls. These are our no-limit online events, where anglers can fish a lake of their choosing and catch as many bass over 12 inches as they can! Like last year, you can expect Spring, Summer, and Fall Brawls this season.


The Thursday Night Throwdowns will continue this season. Once again limited to the Eastern Division. We don’t have a date on when these will start, but since they do extend into the evening a bit—5 to 9 PM—we will determine the start of the season based on the weather, when the days are longer and the evenings start to warm.

And that’s all we have for now. Expect more updates in the days to come, including new sponsor announcements, rules updates, and an update on the Knockout Series, which is getting an overhaul.

If you have any questions, let us know!

Old Glory Outdoors

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Old Glory Outdoors, a veteran-owned company located at 363 East Main Street in East Brookfield, MA.

Owner/CEO Joe Brown is an avid outdoorsman and tournament angler, and every employee shares the same passion and is highly knowledgeable in everything fishing-related, especially bass fishing. Considered a pro shop, Old Glory carries a large selection of tackle and gear from a variety of companies, such as 6th Sense, Cashion Rods, Lew’s, Abu Garcia, X-Zone, Z-Man, and local legend Radfish Lures, one of our other sponsors.

Old Glory will generously be providing tournament prize packs and has offered a 20% discount to all MAKB members, good for in-store and online purchases. Also, anglers fishing the first Western Division event of the season are invited back to the shop after the event for pizza and beverages.

We’re very excited and honored to be working with Joe and Old Glory Outdoors!

Please give them a like and/or follow on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Announcing the 2021 MAKB Tournament Schedules

With two divisions, new monthly online events, as well as the Spring/Fall Brawls and the Knockout Series, setting up this season has been a lot of work. But we’re finally at the finish line!

Before we get into everything, though, you will need a Fishing Chaos account to fish any of these events. You can set that up here, if you haven’t already done so.

Though you can only register for some tournaments at this time (read on to find out what you can register for), all of our events are live on the on the Fishing Chaos website. Follow this link to check everything out!

Also, as we discussed in a previous post, you will also need to be a paid MAKB member to fish any of these events, save for the Knockout Series, which is open to all.

We have three membership tiers, all of which have different perks and grant specific access to different events, so please read the membership details on our Fishing Chaos club page before joining.

That said, there’s a lot to unpack here, but I’ll try to be as brief as possible…


We have nine events scheduled for this year’s season, plus the championship. The schedule is as follows:

Apr 17 – A-1/Stump Pond (Westborough)
May 15 – South Watuppa Pond (Fall River)
May 29 – Wequaquet Lake (Barnstable)
Jun 12 – Nashua River (Groton)
Jul 10 – Lake Nippenicket (Bridgewater)
Aug 7 – Charles River (Roadrunner)
Aug 28 – Lake Cochituate (Wayland)
Sep 4 – Long Pond (Lakeville)
Sep 18 – Walker/Upper/Lower Mill (Brewster)

Oct 23 – Webster Lake (Webster) (Championship)


Shawn and Nelson have done a great job setting up our new western division! In this first year, there will be seven events, plus the championship. The schedule is as follows:

Apr 10 – Quaboag Pond (Brookfield)
May 8 – Buckley Denton Reservoir/Yokum Pond (Becket)
May 15 – East/West Waushacum Ponds (Sterling)
Jun 12 – Chicopee River (Chicopee)
Jul 24 – Tully Lake (Athol)
Aug 28 – Cheshire Reservoir (Cheshire)
Sep 18 – Lake Garfield (Monterey)

Oct 23 – Webster Lake (Webster)

The championship event on Webster Lake is a single event for qualifying anglers in both division. To learn how to qualify, click here.


We’ve always talked about running a monthly online series, something similar to KBFs monthly state challenges, but never could figure out a fair way to do it. One inherent issue with KBFs challenges is that those anglers who cannot fish a lot are very unlikely to win when many other anglers can fish every day.

With our switch to the Fishing Chaos tournament management platform, we now have the ability to alter things in ways we couldn’t before, affording us a way to even the playing field for anglers, so to speak.

So we will be running a monthly online series similar to KBFs, but with one key difference: anglers can only fish one week out of the month.

When registering, anglers will choose one of four weeks, starting on the 1st of every month and ending on the 28th. It breaks down as follows:

Week 1: 1st–7th
Week 2: 8th–14th
Week 3: 15th–21st
Week 4: 22nd–28th

Our hope is that this will make things fairer and more competitive all around. Yes, some anglers will be able to fish all seven days, but it will be more difficult for them with only seven days to fish as opposed to thirty or so.

This series starts in April and will run monthly through October. You can register for all of these events on Fishing Chaos now!


The Catch ‘Em All Spring Brawl and Fall Brawl are online no-limit events we started a few years ago. In the past we’ve opened them up to all of New England, but this year we are limiting them to Massachusetts.

These events are pretty straight forward: one lake of your choosing (public, of course), eight hours, catch and upload as many bass as you can. Simple.

You can register for these events on Fishing Chaos now!


Registration for the Knockout Series is ongoing. This is our annual bracketed, angler-versus-angler series. This series works with 32, 48, or 64 anglers. We’ve already hit the 32-angler threshold and are working up to forty-eight.

You can read more about the series here and sign up over on our Facebook group page. If you do not have a Facebook account and would like to sign up, shoot me a message through our contact page.

And that’s it, folks! We have a busy, exciting year planned, and we can’t wait to kick it off on April 1 with the Spring Brawl!

If you have any questions, just ask.

Talking Fishing Chaos

So as expected, I’m getting a lot of questions about Fishing Chaos. As mentioned in our last post, there is an update coming to the app, so I’m not going to go over any of the mechanics just yet because things are going to change, and for the better.

But I can go over the main things people are asking about now…


First, you do need a Fishing Chaos account. You can’t fish without one. Simple as that.

Second, you do not need to opt in to either their monthly or annual subscription plan. That said, not doing so would be beneficial to you only if you’re not planning to fish many events this year.

The benefit of buying into their monthly or annual subscription is simple: no tournament fees.

With either plan, you can fish unlimited events without incurring a fee. If you choose the annual subscription for $43.89, you’ll pay no additional fees for the entire year, no matter how many events you fish through Fishing Chaos. If you choose the monthly plan for $3.99, the same applies for that particular month.

The third alternative is to choose neither subscription and simply pay a small fee per event—3.5% of the entry fee, plus $1.50 per ticket (we’ll get into tickets in a minute). So for a $50 entry fee, you’ll pay a $3 fee on top of that.

Obviously the annual plan works for me since I’ll be traveling all around the country fishing KBF events, MAKB events, MYA events, and fishing our new regional trail events (official announcement coming this Sunday, January 3).

So whether you choose a subscription plan or choose to simply pay the additional fee per event really comes down to how many tournaments you plan to fish next year.

Now, some have argued that you’re not really saving anything, the fees taken out of the pot before aren’t going back into your pocket now unless you happen to win. All true, but here’s some perspective:

Last year, $245 of my money went toward fees, not including PayPal fees. If we’d been using Fishing Chaos last year, $201.11 of that money would have stayed in the pot.

So yes, you’re not “saving” that money unless you win, but it is staying with the anglers, which is a win in my book.


Fishing Chaos uses the term “tickets” when registering for events. It’s different from what we’re used to, but it’s simply a different way to describe something we’ve been doing all along: registering for events and buying into optional lunker pools.

I won’t go over the specific process because that may change, but when you register for an event, you will purchase at least one (virtual) ticket. That’s your registration.

There may be other tickets attached to that main ticket. For instance, our events will always have an additional ticket included at no cost. This is for the main lunker pool, which is included in the main entry fee. Our optional lunker pools will be additional tickets that you’ll need to purchase.

Also keep in mind, if you opt out of both subscription plans, every ticket is an additional $1.50. So if you register for one of our events at $50, you’re gonna pay an additional $3 (3.5% plus $1.50 for the ticket). If you then opt into smallmouth and pickerel lunker pools, you’re going to pay $1.50 for each of those, so that $3 fee becomes $6.

And that’s it, really. A little confusing at first, but you’ll get used to it. If you have any questions, let me know.

New Year, New MAKB

New year, new MAKB!

With the continuous evolution of the sport, we are evolving as well. I will keep these as brief as possible, but if you intend to fish with us this year, I highly encourage you read everything.



After many hours of research and testing, as well as multiple demos, we have decided to use Fishing Chaos as our tournament management system starting this season.

This was not an easy decision to make. We have used TourneyX since our last event of 2016—62 events total between then and now. Dwayne and the app have served us well, but its limitations have also held us back in many regards. We feel that the Fishing Chaos app not only does everything we’ve always wanted an app to do, but also so much more.

So you will need to download the app and create an account on Fishing Chaos.

There is a learning curve, and as we close in on the season we will have a series of posts going over how to use the app. An update to the app is scheduled for February, so we will wait until after that time to post this info.


Thus far, MAKB has been an open trail. Starting this year, we are moving to a membership-based platform.

With two divisions now in place, cost to run the trail will double. Some of that cost was offset in previous years through our 50/50 raffles. We tried that once last year through PayPal, but it didn’t quite work, so once again the cost of trophies and such will be an out-of-pocket expense (around $400). I can barely justify that (especially to my wife) for one division, so I definitely can’t justify it for two.

We have come up with three memberships plans—$25, $15, $10—all of which come with certain perks. You can read all about them and join through our club page on Fishing Chaos.

You will not be able to fish any of our tournaments, whether online or live, without being a member.

That said, being a Premium member will not guarantee you a spot at any of our live events, save for the river events which are unlimited because the boundaries allow for it. Due to state restrictions, we are allowed a max of 25 anglers per most events. First come, first serve, which is why registration for all our events goes live at 7 PM the Sunday before.


In case you missed the recent Jigs & Bigs podcast, we are heading west! Starting this season, we will have two divisions: East and West. Many of you have been asking for us to expand into different parts of the state, and this is the first step in that direction.

The Eastern Division will cover the same area we’ve always covered, which is the south shore and Cape Cod.

The Western Division is the new division, and it will be run by Shawn Dominik and Nelson da Costa. While we are still working on the trail schedule, there will be seven stops this year, spread out from the central part of the state to the New York border.

You won’t see much overlap of anglers between divisions. As such, each division will have its own separate Angler of the Year race.


There will be nine Eastern Division events this year, one less than normal, and seven Western Division events. As mentioned above, they will all culminate in the first-ever MAKB Championship.

In addition to those live events, we will be hosting more online events. The Catch ‘Em All Spring Brawl and Fall Brawl have already been scheduled. The Spring Brawl will kick off our season on April 3!

There will be monthly challenges as well. We’re still discussing what those challenges will be, as we fully understand that traditional month-long challenges benefit those anglers who can fish more. We’re looking at ways to level that playing field to make it more competitive for all.

This is where our new tiered memberships come into play, as each one gives you access to certain events.


One thing we’ve always discussed was having a championship event at the end of each season. We never quite got around to doing that, though.

With the new division, the idea of having a championship became even more enticing. So at the end of the 2021 season, both divisions will come together in Central MA for our first-ever MAKB Championship event!

To qualify, you just need to finish in the top three at any live event. Simple.

More details will follow.


Starting this year, all anglers fishing MAKB events, both live and online, must use one of the following three Ketch Products boards: the Ketch Karbonate board, the Ketch X board, or the original Ketch board.

As a result of the infamous Flexgate and based on how many anglers used another brand of measuring board in our events last year (I think there were three total), we felt that this was the best choice to not only discourage cheating but also stay in line with the current industry standard.

We are not affiliated with Ketch Products in any way.

That should cover all the big things. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, let us know.

We’re Heading West!

As Massachusetts Kayak Bassin’ has grown, more and more anglers have asked us to run events on the north shore and out in the western part of the state. With our core group of anglers being from the south shore, this has proved difficult. As such, the idea of opening new divisions has been explored for years now, but we’ve never been able to find anyone dedicated enough to take on that task.

Until now…

Starting in 2021, MAKB will have a brand new western division. Directing it will be Shawn Dominik and Nelson Da Costa, both longtime MAKB members. We are very excited about bringing new opportunities to anglers in a part of the state where there has been a demand that we’ve not been able to fulfill!

The western division will run just like the original “eastern division,” as it’s now called. There will be seven regular-season events for the western division this first year, while the eastern division will have nine instead of its normal ten. Reason being, the season will culminate in the first-ever MAKB Championship, where top anglers from each division will compete for the title of Massachusetts Kayak Bassin’ Champion!

If you’re interested in hearing some more in-depth discussion about this new division, check out the latest episode of the Jigs & Bigs podcast, where Shawn, Nelson, and Ken Wood discuss it and more. Jump to 1:14 mark if you don’t want to listen to the rest (though it is an entertaining podcast all around, so give it a shot).

Big things are coming for MAKB and this region, and this is just a small taste…

And the 2020 Angler of the Year Title Goes To…

Some say winning the Angler of the Year title is the most prestigious title one can win in a tournament organization. That’s debatable, of course. Some will agree, some won’t, and that’s fine.

What isn’t debatable, in my opinion, is how difficult it is to win Angler of the Year. Anyone can win a tournament, but to win the Angler of the Year title, you have to be consistent all season long, and be better than all the other anglers who do well time and time again, and that is not easy by any means.

Our Angler of the Year format is a bit of a hybrid. It is based on an angler’s best twenty-five fish throughout the year, but we also award bonus points to the top five anglers at each event—five points for first place, four for second, etc. To become the MAKB Angler of the Year you not only have to fish a lot of our events, you have to catch quality fish and also consistently finish at the top.

Otherwise, you have no shot.

In his first year fishing with us, Joseph Daddeo made it known right out the gate—with a dominating win in our first tournament of the year on the Charles River—that he was coming for that title.

Joe went on to win two more events and place in the top five multiple times, amassing 19 bonus points to go along with his season total of 414 points. And when he didn’t finish in the top, he upgraded fish in his biggest twenty-five of the season.

The only time Joe wasn’t in the lead for Angler of the Year was the two weeks following our second Charles River tournament of the year, which he was not able to fish. He came back and won the next event, firmly securing his spot at the top where he remained for the rest of the season.

So without further ado, the Massachusetts Kayak Bassin’ Angler of the Year for 2020…

Congratulations, buddy! A well-deserved win. Hell of year!

YakAttack Partnership

Massachusetts Kayak Bassin’ is very excited to be partnering with YakAttack for our upcoming season!

YakAttack makes some of the best kayak fishing gear and accessories in the industry, so we’re more than happy to have them on board.

Winners at all of our events this year will receive a YakAttack prize pack!

Please support those who support us and the sport by liking/subscribing to their various social media channels.


One of our other sponsors, Go Bananas Outdoors, is a local YakAttack retailer, so if you’re ever in need of some new gear, be sure to check them out as well!