This past Saturday we hosted our second Catch ‘Em All Brawl of the year, this one being the Summer Brawl. This is always a tough event for most people, as finding a location that holds a lot of small dumb fish can be tricky.

Some people have a spot, others hope they do. I know multiple spots that are loaded with the right kind of bass, but they seem to never produce on the days of these events. Saturday was no different.

I got my first keeper within a few casts after launching. I was hoping it set the tone. Not long after, I caught a 9- or 10-incher. Unfortunately, that one set the tone! I ended the day with 151.50 inches of keeper bass, and approximately 572 inches of dinks.

That landed me in fourth place. With only 18 anglers registered, though, we’re only paying out two spots and lunker, the latter of which went to Donald Davis, who put up a tank 21.50! Awesome.

We also ran an optional pickerel lunker pool. Out of the ten anglers who opted in, only Derek Brundle submitted one, which was surprising but great for him!

Steve Scott, Mike Morcone, and Domenic Eno were on top all day, each one pacing each other fairly evenly from what I recall seeing.

Mike’s bite seemed to die at some point, though, and in talking to him after, he said he moved from his area to let it rest, only to come back and find multiple bass boats on it. A fatal error on his part, it would seem. His 235 inches landed him in third place, just shy of the money.

Steve Scott has a spot. We all know this. The spot produces, as it doesn’t get heavy fishing pressure. Domenic’s answer to this was to fish a puddle, a less-than-20-acre lake.

I’ve always said, focusing on a smaller body of water for these events is a smart move…

In the end, though, maybe this one was too small. Domenic’s 240.75 just wasn’t enough to beat Steve’s 309.75, giving Steve his third Catch ‘Em All Brawl victory!

Congrats, man! Great job, everyone.

Check out the full results here.

Our Fall Brawl goes down on October 30. Steve is the man to beat, no doubt, so if you plan on taking him down, I’d start scouting new bodies of water now.