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Roasted on the Split

Tournament #5, our split-location event is done—and so are we. Well done. Today was brutal! Hot as hell, and virtually no wind.

We had 27 anglers today, fifteen of which fished Ponkapoag, while the other 12 fished Canton Reservoir.

Many of us were under the impression that it was a tough bite, but 153 fish were submitted, and many smaller fish were caught and not submitted.

So it was a decent enough day. Just a ton of 1- to 2-pounders were caught, and not many big ones.

Given the conditions, it seemed that Ponkapoag—with all the weeds and lily pads—would put out the day’s best stringers, but surprisingly Canton Reservoir produced the better fish. Although the biggest fish of the day—a 21-inch tank hauled in by Donald Davis—came from ol’ Ponky. Nice fish, man!

We paid out five spots today, and Ken Wood managed to pull in 81.25 inches to take fifth and a little bit of cash. Ken said he caught all his finesse fishing, then added, “It was torture, basically.”

Chris Diranian represented Team Ponky with 82 inches and a fourth place finish. Congrats, sir!

The top five spots changed quite a bit today. Hell, the top ten did. Domenic Eno had first for a while (as did others), and with a solid limit, but he landed in third overall with a respectable 85 inches.

For the second time this year, Lee Kennon took home the second-place prize. He had 68 inches when he placed second at Dark Brook Reservoir. Today he flipped it and put 86 inches on the board. Nice!

Valber Santos won a tournament last year fishing a common lure in an unconventional way. I won’t give away the technique, but it’s impressive, and once again it led him to victory—by just a half-inch. It was a close one!

Great job, bud!

Full standings can be found here.

Anyway, congrats, everyone. For all of us fathers with wives or girlfriends, we went fishing on Father’s Day! That’s a victory in and of itself.

Happy Father’s Day!

Great seeing everyone, especially some new faces: Bruce Sison and Joseph Daddeo, who drove a long way from southern NH to fish with us. Much appreciated, fellas. Hope to see you at a future event.

Special thanks to Michael Sales and MGC Fishing Equipment and Supplies for the bait packs. Much appreciated. You guys should definitely check out MGC if you’re in the area. Best tackle shop around.

Don’t forget to check out our other sponsors: Radfish Lures, Rocky Ledge Tackle, and Go Bananas Outdoors. We have a password-protected Members Only section on our website now (if you’ve fished with us, you’re a “member”), which details the discounts our these guys have graciously offered us.

If you need the password, shoot me a message.

Our next tournament is on July 1 at Snipatuit Pond in Rochester (I’ll get the event page and TourneyX page uploaded tonight). This one can be a tough nut to crack, so it’ll be interesting. Hope to see you there!

In the ZONE!

We couldn’t resist doing it one more time!

Seven of us ventured out to Canton Reservoir today for a “zone” tournmanet, where we were all restricted to one zone every two hours. It was an interesting format on a pretty tough day.

We used TourneyX for the first time. Some have used it in KBF online tourneys, but it was different using it in a live tournament, where you can check the standings and see how good—or bad—you’re doing. It adds a nice new element of stress to a tournament, that’s for sure. Haha.

We’ll be using TourneyX for all our events in 2017.

From the start, Chris Diranian was killing it. Before most of us even had a fish, he had three bass for 50+ inches. By the time some of us caught our first bass, he had over 63. That jumped to 78 shortly after. Talk about demoralizing!

Donald Davis once again placed in the money, taking lunker with an 18.25-incher.

Moving baits were getting Ken Wood nothing but pickerel, so he managed to slow things down and get a limit. Just five, and it took all day (his fifth was caught in the last hour). They went for 68.25 inches and nabbed him third place.

Second place went to Domenic Eno, who hauled in a solid 72.25 inches of bass on a variety of baits.

As mentioned above, Chris was on fire today, fishing extremely shallow with a fluke. His five went for 80.75, which was more than enough to best the field.

You can view the complete results here on TourneyX.

Congrats, everyone! And thanks for coming out. Good times as usual.