And the 2020 Angler of the Year Title Goes To…

Some say winning the Angler of the Year title is the most prestigious title one can win in a tournament organization. That’s debatable, of course. Some will agree, some won’t, and that’s fine.

What isn’t debatable, in my opinion, is how difficult it is to win Angler of the Year. Anyone can win a tournament, but to win the Angler of the Year title, you have to be consistent all season long, and be better……

The Lunker King Wins Big!

We had twenty-five anglers battle it out on Snipatuit Pond yesterday, putting an exclamation point on our fourth season.

It was a different kind of year, but given all the restrictions and hurdles associated with it, I think it turned out pretty good.

As for yesterday, the lake produced fairly well, but the bite seemed a bit off to me. Anticipating that possibility, with it being fall and all, I went for a quick limit…….

With Three Minutes to Spare…

Nine down, one to go!

This morning, twenty-four brave souls launched into the cold, wind, and rain on Billington Sea. It wasn’t pleasant out there today, especially those first few hours before the rain let up and the clouds broke, but we powered through it.

I started my day in the back “pond,” looking for rock piles and a big rocky flat. It’s been a few years since I fished Billington, so they weren’t……

Left Early, Still Won

Whoooo! That was a barn-burner. Giant smallies all day, baby!

Wait, that was the dream I had last night. Today was more of a nightmare.

We had twenty-seven anglers attempt to tackle Mashpee-Wakeby today, a lake that is too often a soul-crushing body of water. But when it’s on? Sweet Baby Jesus!

Early launch was at 6:30 AM today, and I’m sure most of us were shaking with anticipation as we watched our fishfinder screens light……

A Commanding First Win!

Every time I’ve fished Lake Maspenock, I go in with high hopes. Then a few hours later I’m on the bottom of my kayak, curled up in the fetal position, crying and questioning my life choices…

Today was no different.

Twenty-three other anglers fished today’s event, and most probably understand what I’m talking about. With the drop in temperature, I’d hoped that it might trigger the fish into feeding instead of shutting them down. I……

Three Times a King

Our annual Three Lake Throwdown is in the books!

Thirty-one of us split the three lakes, ten each at Snipatuit and Agawam Mill, and eleven at Glen Charlie. Mother Nature walloped us pretty good with strong winds all day and intermittent light rain, which made it relatively chilly for those of us who stupidly believed the forecast and wore shorts and a T-shirt.

Overall, it seemed to be a tough bite for most of us…….

A Gamble Pays Off

Well, if you’re sick of fishing rivers as much as I am, I have some good news: no more river tournaments this year!

I think. I hope. We do still need to make up one of our canceled dates. Taunton River again?

Anyway, today marked our fifth tournament of the season and second on the Charles River. During our last tournament on the river, only one angler broke 75 inches, and he did it……

Dominant Dominik

Yesterday, twenty-seven of MAKB’s finest hit the Nashua River for our fourth event of the season!

No one launched north of the covered bridge in Groton, so as suspected there doesn’t appear to be any easily found launches up that way, if any at all.

Also, no smallmouth was caught, so I don’t know if the information I received was incorrect or if they’re just not abundant south of Groton. Either way, everyone who……

D’Addeo Does It Again!

The Taunton River tournament is done, and it has been banished to the black list for all time! If it gets voted in again? Executive veto! Haha.

Surprisingly, a lot of fish were caught. I caught a ton myself, mostly small, but I put together a decent limit when all was said and done. I lost a giant at the end (the winning fish), which still has me confused. The thing hit my chatterbait three……

A Lights-Out Barnburner…of Sorts

Twenty-five of us hit New Bedford Reservoir today for the second MAKB event of the season! Based on pre-fishing reports, I thought today was going to be a lights-out barnburner, and…well, I guess it was, in a sense.

Lots of changes in the standings throughout the day, but the majority of the fish caught were small. I expected bigger fish.

But big fish or small fish, someone’s gotta win, right?

My day did not go……