The Biggest Challenge Was the Bad Weather

Our first monthly online challenge is in the books!

We had 25 anglers enter this one, but with the less than favorable weather that plagued us in April, only eight submitted fish to the event. With 25 anglers, we paid out three spots and lunker, and it looks like Week 3 was the most productive week of the month.

For me, it was just a day. An hour, in fact, at our A-1 event…….

Tough Conditions and Stingy Bites

The guarantee of cold, wind, rain, and a tough bite didn’t stop twenty-five of MAKB’s most dedicated anglers from hitting A-1 yesterday morning for the Eastern Division opener.

Before launch, the wind was relatively light, and it seemed like maybe the day wouldn’t be as bad as expected. The moment we launched, however, Mother Nature said, “Psyche!” The wind kicked up, the cold cut through, and not long after the rain rolled in. The……

Dogfight at Quaboag Pond

Before I get going on how the first MAKB Western Division tourney played out, I’d just like to thank Ken Wood for letting Nelson da Costa and myself roll out a division on this side of the state. I’ve said it before, but if we manage to run things even half as smoothly as he does, then I’ll consider it a success. Also a huge thanks to Nelson for stepping up to help me……

A Lead Too Great

Our new Monthly Online Challenge Series kicked off the season last Thursday, but the first single-day event took place yesterday.

Our no-limit Catch ‘Em All Brawl Series started in 2019 with the first-ever Fall Brawl. Steve Scott won that event with 471.50 inches. We followed it up with the Spring Brawl in 2020, with Derek Brundle hammering home the win with 393.25 inches.

So going into yesterday, we all should have known that you……

Old Glory Outdoors

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Old Glory Outdoors, a veteran-owned company located at 363 East Main Street in East Brookfield, MA.

Owner/CEO Joe Brown is an avid outdoorsman and tournament angler, and every employee shares the same passion and is highly knowledgeable in everything fishing-related, especially bass fishing. Considered a pro shop, Old Glory carries a large selection of tackle and gear from……

Announcing the 2021 MAKB Tournament Schedules

With two divisions, new monthly online events, as well as the Spring/Fall Brawls and the Knockout Series, setting up this season has been a lot of work. But we’re finally at the finish line!

Before we get into everything, though, you will need a Fishing Chaos account to fish any of these events. You can set that up here, if you haven’t already done so.

Though you……

Talking Fishing Chaos

So as expected, I’m getting a lot of questions about Fishing Chaos. As mentioned in our last post, there is an update coming to the app, so I’m not going to go over any of the mechanics just yet because things are going to change, and for the better.

But I can go over the main things people are asking about now…


First, you do need a……

New Year, New MAKB

New year, new MAKB!

With the continuous evolution of the sport, we are evolving as well. I will keep these as brief as possible, but if you intend to fish with us this year, I highly encourage you read everything.



After many hours of research and testing, as well as multiple demos, we have decided to use Fishing Chaos as our tournament management system starting this season.

This was not an easy……

We’re Heading West!

As Massachusetts Kayak Bassin’ has grown, more and more anglers have asked us to run events on the north shore and out in the western part of the state. With our core group of anglers being from the south shore, this has proved difficult. As such, the idea of opening new divisions has been explored for years now, but we’ve never been able to find anyone dedicated enough to take on that……

Slaughter at Oldham

We all know what can happen when fishing in late fall: feast or famine, either a whiz-bang-pow lights-out kind of day or it’s a struggle.

For most of us at yesterday’s mystery event on Oldham, it was more of the latter.

It was for me, at least. Knowing that a 54-degree water temp was still relatively warm and that some fish would still be active shallow, I focused on a deeper bite, spending most……