After a couple venue changes thanks to the US Army Corps of Engineers and Mother Nature, Nelson and I slapped together a list of ponds that are located pretty closely to each other on or near Route 57 up da’ ‘Shires…

And The Route 57 Run was born!

Noyes Pond, Twining Pond, Upper and Lower Spectacle Ponds, West Lake, York Pond, and Thousand Acre Pond hosted thirteen anglers today under bluebird skies and a setting full moon.

It ended up being a relatively close contest, even between the different waters. And while everyone put fish on the board, two camps emerged: anglers with rounded limits and no large fish, and anglers with large fish and nibblers filling limits.

I had a mediocre day, so I’m skipping my own recap. Meh.

Dan Johnson (Thousand Acre Pond) and Jerry Howes (Twining Pond) tied for third place at 73.75, with Jerry breaking the tie and claiming it solely behind a 19.25-inch largemouth. Nice job, Jerry!

Nelson da Costa (West Lake) hit for 77.50 and scored the lunker with a 20.25-inch watermelon of a fish. Just massive. Congrats to Nelson (and also congrats to his parents, who are celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary today)!

Our winner today—fishing one of the creepiest, Friday the 13th, Silver Lake-esque western MA waters (Lower Spectacle)—was Steve Hedges, who knocked in 78.50 inches of largemouth bass while avoiding demonic possession, cryptids, and all matter of supernatural evils. Steve made the long trek from out east for one reason: to finish in the top three and qualify for the MAKB Championship at the end of the season. He did that and more! Congrats to him and glad to see he survived the experience.

If you want to take a peak at the full standings, you can do so here.

Our next Western Division event is scheduled for a pike-laden body of water, Cheshire Reservoir, on August 28th.

In the meantime, to scratch your collective competitive itch, there are a couple tourneys lined up: MAKB’s Catch ‘Em All Summer Brawl online event is a go for July 31 at waters across the state, and on August 14, Lake Winnipesaukee hosts the next Elite Kayak Fishing tournament.

And don’t forget our MAKB monthly online challenges! Get into them if you can.

Congrats again to all our winners!