The second MAKB tournament of the year is over, and speaking on behalf of nearly everyone who fished today—praaaaaaaaaise Jeebus! Holy crap, what an awful day. Haha. Rainy, windy, cold. It’s spring, right?

We did another split-location event today, to accommodate everyone who wanted to fish, with 10 anglers choosing to fish Ashumet Pond, while the remaining 22 chose Johns Pond.

Ramp etiquette? What’s that?

One could argue choosing Johns was a better choice, and that was probably true today, but only for a few. Just three fish were caught at Ashumet, compared to 33 at Johns. But with twelve more anglers there, and 19 of those 33 bass belonging to the top 5, it’s safe to say it was a pretty brutal day at Johns as well.

Thirteen anglers caught one or two fish, while 15 blanked. But with as much talent we have in this group, someone always puts it together.

With just two fish—one being a hefty 19.50 and his new PB smallie—Kevin Amaral found himself in the winner’s circle for the second tournament in a row, this time nabbing fifth place. Not bad for two fish!

Sticking it out in a small back pond with giant, tight-lipped bass swimming all around him, Gerard Elias racked up 42.75 with three fish, which was enough for a fourth-place finish.

Bruce Levy got on them early and plucked four solid smallies off of beds by 10 AM, taking a commanding lead, which he was still holding when we turned the standings off at 1 PM.

As is often the case, though, in those last two hours some anglers made big moves, and ultimately Bruce fell to third place with 62.50.

Though that fifth bass eluded Bruce, he would have needed a big one for it to make a difference, because Kevin Amaral Jr. came on strong at the end. By shifting out to deeper water, he was able to pull out three bass for a limit, including an absolute TANK of a smallie, which went 20.75 and scored him a nice chunk of change for smallie lunker. Not to mention second place by nearly 20 inches.

Speaking of lunker and a nice chunk of change, Michael Curreri’s lone 19-inch largemouth scored him a thick wad of cash.

Domenicio Enos got everyone’s attention around mid-morning, when he slapped two big smallies on the board—a 20.25 and a 19.25. He added another 19 a few hours later, then rounded out his limit with two smaller largemouth. His five went 85.75, good enough for the victory!

Great job, fellas! Congrats!

Check out the full standings here.

With 32 anglers, we were able to award three KBF National Championship slots. Kevin previously qualified at our last event, so Domenicio and Bruce qualified this time. Awesome!

(The NC is on Guntersville next year. FYI. =) )

Thanks to everyone who came out, especially the new guys, under such less-than-pleasurable conditions. And of course Mike Oharra and Bruno Casagrande, who fished our last tournament but I failed to mention. Glad to see you guys again!

Our next event is on Cook Pond in Fall River on May 25. I am going to try to get a small increase to the number of anglers we can have at this one, but as of right now it’s capped at 24. Registration will go live on May 19 at 7 PM.