The latest Thursday Night Throwdown took place last night on Snipatuit Pond. Six anglers showed up, two backed out last-minute, so we’re still paying out eight spots.

With the evening drop in temperature and rain all day, the bite was definitely tougher than expected out there.

For a while, Matthew Conant was the only one with a fish—a dinky 13.75. Nate Chagnon then moved into first with a 14.50, where he stayed for a while. Scott Rhodes then moved into first with two fish, and he later added a third to keep the top position for most of the night.

I wasn’t paying too much attention to the leaderboard, so I missed some other movements, I’m sure, but I know Matt tied Scott at one point, but Scott still had the lead with a bigger fish for the tie-breaker.

Derek Brundle lost a phone overboard, then had an 18.50 he couldn’t take a photo of because his other phone wasn’t working properly in the rain, so he left. Had he gotten a photo of that fish, he’d have won with a solid 52.75.

But in the end, it was Matt who pulled off the win, landing a 15.75 twenty minutes before the buzzer that put him ahead of Scott by two inches.

Great job, fellas! Congrats.

Results can be found here.

This may be the last Throwdown of the season. They’ve been fun, and we’ll undoubtedly do them again next year. But we’ll see. In two weeks, if the weather is looking good for a Thursday-nighter, we’ll set one up.