Another one down!

We hit Wequaquet Lake with a full field of 24 anglers today, and while no one knocked it out of the park, we all scored fish. Like our Cook Pond event, one or two decent upgrades for more than half the field would have been an express pass to the top of the leader board.

The weather was partly sunny and the wind wasn’t an issue at all. The water temps were 64 to 66 degrees, which is ridiculous for June 1. Some fish were still on beds! Unreal.

Anyway, we like to mix it up from time to time and offer an optional lunker pool for a non-bass species—pickerel, crappie, etc. Today we did a pike/pickerel pool. If no one caught a pike, it would default to the biggest pickerel. Well, no one caught a pike. But get this…

Eight anglers caught a state-pin-sized pickerel over 25 inches today. That’s right, EIGHT of us caught a monster pickerel big enough for a state pin. Ridiculous!

The biggest of those eight was Allan Seniuk’s 25.75-inch snot rocket. With some slight adjustments, it probably would have touched 26 inches. Congrats, man, and to anyone else who’s submitting their catch for a pin.

With smallmouth present, we had an optional smallie lunker pool. No giants were caught, but Domenicio Enos’s 15.75 got the job done well enough. Cha-ching!

He also hauled in a 19.50-inch largemouth, which, due to an unfortunate deduction given to another angler, also gave him lunker largemouth (it would have been a tie otherwise, and he would have lost the tie-breaker). Cha-ching!

As I mentioned previously, if any angler down to probably sixteenth place (68.50 inches) caught one or two solid upgrades, they’d have risen to the top or very close to it. Just 2.5 inches separated first place with fifth place, the lowest paying spot.

Troy Brown took that fifth spot with 76.25. Way to go, bud!

I spoke with Lee Kennon late in the day after he’d put a solid 17.50 on the board. He expected a top ten finish, but the lower half. He was wrong. That late-day 4.5-inch upgrade bumped him up into the fourth-place spot with 76.50! A nice surprise, I’m sure.

After a second-place finish at Cook Pond last week, Peter Arruda still had some tricks up his sleeve, resulting in 76.75 inches of bass and a third-place finish. Great job!

An inch ahead of Peter, Paulo DeMorais took second place with a solid sack of largemouth, one small upgrade away from the top. Great stuff, man!

And then there was first…

With 79 inches and his second first-place finish of the year—Domenicio Enos! CHA-CHING! Hell of a job out there, sir! Congrats again.

Click here for the full results.

Nearly 200 fish were submitted today, and that doesn’t count all the fish we didn’t measure/submit. Most of us went home empty-handed, but speaking for myself, I had a great time.

Well, except when I donated a spinning rod to the Goddess of the Lake. That part kind of sucked. Really sucked, actually.

Thank you, Sarah, for judging all those fish! And thanks to Donald for the help with payouts and everyone who helped make the unloading and loading go as smoothly as possible. We lucked out in that I don’t think the Cape Cod season is in full swing just yet. Can’t complain about that.

And no one got yelled at! At least, I don’t think anyone did. That’s a rare fine day on that lake. Haha.

Anyway, fellas, thanks for coming out! Our next event is in two weeks, June 15, on Lake Cochituate. We have two permits for this one, two different launches, allowing for 40 anglers total, and I’m working on getting access to another launch. I’ll probably open up registration for this one early, as we’ll have plenty of room.