Twenty-three of us hit Lake Massapoag early this morning for the second to last regular-season event of the year, and the lake was in a giving mood. Everyone caught at least one fish! Cool.

First, thanks for judging, Sarah.

We paid out five spots, the 50/50 raffle, plus lunker pools for largemouth, smallmouth, and pickerel.

Gerard won the 50/50 raffle. Second time this year!

Ari Stonehill smashed a massive 27-inch, 5-plus-pound pickerel, which was more than enough to win that lunker pool. What a fish!

The biggest smallmouth was put up by Mike Elrick, but he failed to get in on the optional lunker pool. I’m pretty sure I hooked one bigger, but failed to land it. Lame for us, but great for Lee Kennon who walked away with a cool $180 for his 15.50-inch smallie.

(I fished the hell out of this place as a kid and never once caught a smallie. I barely believed they were in there, but I caught about seven of them today. Crazy.)

Gabe Portes caught some big fish pre-fishing, and he followed that up with a giant 20.50 today, which nabbed him the largemouth lunker cash.

Great stuff, fellas!

Let’s take a moment to thank Sarah for judging. Thanks, Sarah! You’re the best.

Here’s your top five…

In his little sit-in, Donald Davis braved the wind and waves, spending most of his day fishing offshore. When I passed him he was throwing a little crankbait, but that was probably a decoy. Haha. Whatever he was throwing, it netted him 81.50 inches of Massapoag bass and fifth place!

With two weddings to attend today, John Ferreira still managed to fish all eight hours, haul in a solid 85.25 inches, and rake in some fourth-place cash. Kick ass!

Before I forget. Thanks for judging, Sarah. You’re awesome!

I have lost fish in two recent events, all of which would have put me in the money. I lost two more today. Bruno Casagrande watched me lose a good-size smallie, and Gerard Elias witnessed my agony as a big largemouth spit the frog in the pads. Luckily I still pulled out a third-place finish with 86 inches. Phew!

Chris Catucci has been dropping the hammer at Ocean State Kayak Bassin’ and Rhode Island Kayak Bassin’ events this season, so it’s no surprise to see him at the top of our standings. Chris grabbed the second-place spot with 86.50!

Pre-fishing and a “magic” dock paid off for Gabe Portes, who killed it today, winning by five inches with 91.50 inches, tying our all-time second-best limit! Excellent job, bud. Brasil! Porra sim!

Or something like that. Haha.

Check out the full standings here.

And thank Sarah for judging.

Great job, everyone, especially those in the money. Always good seeing those who don’t often fish with us—Tyler, George, and Steve in particular.

I’m often distracted at the end of these things. Fairly common thing—SQUIRREL!—but I appreciate everyone coming out and all those who lend a hand to me or others. Thank you!

Speaking of thanking people… Sarah, thanks for doing all the judging. You rock!

With the KBF Regional Trail Championship coming up on Lake Erie, our last regular-season event of the year is nearly a month away. We’ll be fishing Long Pond in Plymouth on September 21. We have two permits for this one, as we’re including Little Long Pond, so let’s hit 30 anglers and make this one a National Championship qualifying event!

By the way, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Sarah for judging the fish today. Thanks, Sarah!