Yesterday, an “angler’s choice” two-pond event went down at East and West Waushacum Ponds in Sterling. The water temps were about ten degrees apart, placing the fish in different stages of spawning, with the West Pond being more or less done and the East just beginning.

Thirteen anglers took to the water for this one, and with a couple exceptions, the field stayed packed together, with nearly everyone filling out limits.

Nelson da Costa was one of the exceptions: he was the only one of us to break the 90-inch barrier, and did so on the back of the 20-inch lunker of the day. He fished steep drops of the East pond to do so. Congrats to him on his first MAKB win!

Fresh on the heels of his Elite Kayak Fishing win at Cayuga Lake, Joseph D’Addeo returned to the West Pond. He has some history there, and was the only angler to break 80 inches for second place. Hammer, as always.

Also in the West Pond, Ronel Mullen stayed shallow to take third with 76.75, barely edging out Kelvin Nova (76.00). Nice job!

Third through eighth were separated by only 3.5 inches, showing how close the pack was, and that the bite was on at both ponds. John Liriano took the pickerel lunker with a 23.25-inch baseball bat of a fish. He fished the West Pond, and from talking with the East anglers, I don’t think anyone from that Pond landed any slime darts.

Great event, and thanks to all who came out to make it such!

Full results can be found here.

I’d also like to thank the town of Sterling’s Parks & Rec Department and their town officials that welcomed us to use the ponds. They went out of their way to make it a smooth experience, especially with the parking permits!

Our next event is at the Chicopee River in Chicopee—the stretch that I grew up fishing—and I’m excited to share the experience with the MAKB crew! Hope to see you there in June!