Lee Kennon Takes Down Singletary

This past Saturday, MAKB Central Division held our third event of the season on Singletary Lake. The day started with nearly perfect weather and surprisingly no boat traffic until after 11 AM. It seemed that we had the lake mostly to ourselves, with only a few fellow paddlers around. Many small fish were seen, but some anglers were fortunate to come across multiple bigger fish and make it pay out for them.

Lee Kennon clinched the first place in his Hobie pedal kayak with five fish measuring an impressive 81.50 inches. Lee could be seen all over the lake at different times, which must have added up to around ten miles! Congratulations, Lee!

Right behind Lee was Todd Brothers, who put up a strong performance and achieved a limit of 80.50, while Domenic Eno secured 3rd place with 79 inches.

John Dicenzo managed to lock down fourth place with 75.50. He recorded the two biggest fish of the tournament: a nice 20.75-incher, which was also the event lunker, and another measuring 20 inches even. Both largemouth.

Mike Morcone took the final payout spot—even though he had to paddle the entire event due to someone stealing his trolling motor—and still brought in five fish totaling 75 inches.

There are a million smallmouth bass in Singletary, but they are all really small. Khoa Dao caught the biggest of biggest of the day, a monster 14-incher, which earned him the smallmouth lunker pool.

The final optional lunker pool, this one for pickerel, went to Jeff Lin, who landed a 21.75. Many anglers reported catching huge pickerel but losing them at the boat.

Cory Walker was the only angler to enter for the Double Down. Not technically a win, but it looks good on paper.

Lastly, we would like to thank all the anglers who came out to fish with us at Singletary and cooperated during the parking predicament at that small launch. It was like a game of parking-lot Jenga, but we managed to park everyone in the lot successfully.

Congratulations to the winners, and we hope to see you at our next event in July at the Sudbury River.

Thank you to our sponsors for your support.

Check out the full results here.

An Epic Day on Snipatuit

On Saturday, May 18, the Eastern Division hit angler-favorite Snipatuit Pond for its second regular-season event of the year. At 5:45 AM, 26 anglers launched into the dreary morning hoping the rain kept its distance…

And it did—for about 20 minutes.

From then on out, it was a cold, windy, and wet day. In other words, a typical tournament day for MAKB East.

Christopher Nardi put the first bass on the board at 6:11 AM, and the bite remained consistent for him and many others throughout the day. Overall, 128 bass were submitted, as well as four pickerel.

When the tournament ended (as well as the rain, of course), Alex Weisheit sat in fifth place with 83.25 inches. Mirroring that score, in fourth place, was John Ferreira, who’s 17.50 was the tie-breaker between them.

In third place was Christopher Nardi, who landed 84.25 of Snipatuit largemouth; while Joe Fournier hauled in 87.25 inches, good enough for a solid second-place finish.

Despite the conditions, Ken Wood brought a frog rod with him. The cool water temps and lack of shoreline cover had him convinced it was too early in the season, but a few minutes in, he grabbed the rod and gave it a shot. Three casts later, he had a 19.50 in the net. Three minutes after that, he slapped a 17 down on the board.

Unfortunately, the frog bite was not as consistent as it started, but when something bit, it was a good one. All told, he managed 93.25, anchored by a 20-incher, which he was convinced was good enough for lunker and would have had him “hitting for the cycle”—lunker, pickerel lunker (a 23.75, also caught on the frog), Double Down, and first place.

Domenic Eno put an end to that dream with a mondo 22-inch donkey! Great fish! Who could be mad about that?

Congrats, everyone. Great job out there!

Check out the full results here.

Our next event is at Mashpee-Wakeby on June 29. That’ll be an interesting one for sure…

Tough Bite on the Nash

Saturday was stop two for the Northern Division on the Nashua River. The weather was great, which seems to be a rare situation for us here at MAKB come tourney day. The Nashua is known for holding some true giants, as we saw a few years ago when Bruce levy put up over 100 inches. But this year, the river wanted to be difficult when it came to bigger fish.

As always, though, anglers found a way to prevail regardless!

The standings were as follows…

The only angler to boat two fish that were 18 inches or longer took first place! Nice job, Steve Petkevitch!

Coming in second with another solid bag of 80.25 was Mike Morcone.

Christopher Nardi put up 78.75, which was good enough for a third place finish, winning a tiebreaker with an 18-incher. And on the other end of the tie, landing in fourth place was Russell Holmes who also had 78.75.

Rounding out the last paying spot was Reyluis Morales, who put up a respectable bag of 77 inches even.

Lunker bass went to Kevin Amaral with the only fish to break the 20-inch mark at 20.75! Lunker pickerel went to the man from Cape Cod! Gerard Elias managed a 21-incher to put some money in his pocket before the long trek home.

As always it was a great time. Definitely blessed to finally have a beautiful day on the water! We had 39 anglers for this event, and was awesome to see participation from guys in other divisions and from a few guys from up New Hampshire and Maine coming down to join us! Thank you to all!

And can’t forget to thank all of our great sponsors who make this possible!

Check out the full results here.

The next event is on June 15th at Pawtuckaway Lake in New Hampshire! Should be an awesome event with plenty of opportunities to win it however you like to fish! Tight lines everyone!

Matt Conant is on Fire!

On May 25, the Western Division fished Onota Lake in Pittsfield. The weather finally cooperated and we had a great day! And Onota finally put out for most of the 20-angler field. One hundred and fifteen fish were put on the board compared to 54 from last year!

The leaderboard was up and down all day, with the top five all upgrading fish after 1 PM as the afternoon bite picked up. If the tournament went until 3 PM, I think we would have seen 90 plus on the board.

Matthew Conant took down the win with a solid 83.50, anchored by a 19.50” largemouth. Nice work and congrats on your third win this year.

Jeremey Andrews took second place with 19.75 smallmouth upgrade at at buzzer—1:59 and 30 seconds! That upgrade was also good enough for overall lunker and smallmouth lunker. His overall length was 82.25.

Derek Brundle finished in third with 80.50, making the trip from Cape Cod out West feel a little better. Derek also upgraded at 1:36 PM.

Kevin Senecal took fourth with 79.25. Kevin had a small upgrade at 1:49 PM, but then unfortunately had to watch the shenanigans of Jeremey catching my his smallmouth in the last seconds of the tournament, knocking Kevin down a spot.

Todd Brothers rounded out the top five with 77.25. From noon until the end of the tournament, Todd caught four of his five fish.

Luis Adames took pickerel lunker with a 20-inch pickerel.

Awesome tournament and great to hangout with everyone. Thank you all for coming out. Can’t wait for Ashmere in two weeks.

Check out the full results here.

Android Users: Proper Steps to Submit Photos Through Fishing Chaos


If you fish our events (or any events through Fishing Chaos), please read this article and then check your phone settings. If you have an iPhone, it should be easy to run the test and get things set correctly.

If you own a phone that uses the Android OS (pretty much anything that’s not an iPhone), please read the instructions linked in the article under Android Settings, paying very close attention to what’s in the photos below.

Anglers with Android phones continue to have issues with their submissions uploading with no data. I’ve spoken with Tom at Fishing Chaos, and he pointed out that this is typically because anglers are not following the proper steps when uploading pictures.

You must submit photos in the exact manner shown in the photos below!

If you do not do so, you run the risk of having your fish denied. You could also simply use the in-app camera and skip these steps.

If you have any issues or questions, let us know.

Carl Hartwick Notches His First MAKB Win

On May 11, 25 anglers from across the state came together at A-1/Stump Pond in Westborough to compete in the second MAKB Central Division event of the year.

Fortunately, we were greeted with much better weather and far fewer weeds than last year’s event, which was plagued by cool temperatures, rain, and endless weeds. It was a wise choice to schedule this event a bit earlier in the season.

As the name suggests, Stump Pond is known for its underwater stumps and, unfortunately, one angler learned that the hard way when they hit a stump and took an unexpected dip into the water.

Carl Hartwick took the top position with 85.75 for his top 5 fish, catching most of his fish on a spinnerbait, a springtime classic. Not only that, he also scored the biggest bass of the event with a 19.25, which beat out two other fish of the same size. Lunker tiebreaker goes to the longest bass on the board, and Carl’s edged out the other two.

Matthew Conant brought in an 84-inch limit, securing the second-place spot. Kevin Amaral came in third with an impressive 81.50, and fourth place was awarded to Ken Wood with a total of 80.75. Finally, Mike Morcone snagged the final paying spot with 78 inches.

But wait, there’s more! Ken Wood was crowned the Double Down winner, beating out Khoa Doa by seven inches. And pickerel lunker was awarded to Denise Cunniff with her impressive 22.75-inch pickerel.

Congratulations to those in the money! And thanks to all who came out to fish with us. Hope to see everyone at our next MAKB Central Division event on Singletary Lake on June 1.

Check out the full results here.

Bass Were Tight-Lipped at the Western Division Opener

The first Western Division event of the season went down on East Brimfield Lake on April 27. The weather was decent for early in the season, but the bite was not. Besides one 20-inch bass, the big fish just weren’t eating. In fact, the bass were tight-lipped for the most part, with only three anglers catching limits. And small ones at that.

We had 35 anglers fish the event, and these anglers came out on top:

1st: Robert Williams (67.00)
2nd: Gerald Howes (66.50)
3rd: Ryan Stager (62.00)
4th: John Ferreira (57.75)
5th: Ethan Bartlett (57.25)

Lunker: Todd Brothers (20.00)
Pickerel Lunker: Michael Williams (22.75)

Check out the full results here.

Ben Hallowell Sets a New Record!

With our switch to a 15-inch minimum in our seasonal Catch ‘Em All Brawls, we assumed the record of 516.50 would never be broken. Why? Because it’s much easier to catch dinks, of course.

Well, we were wrong.

For yesterday’s Spring Brawl, John Ferreira started off hot and looked set on running away with it…until Ben Hallowell began uploading fish.

John and Ben went back and forth for a bit, and then Steve Hedges threw his hat into the ring, but at some point, Ben switched on the afterburners and there was no catching him.

Excluding Ben’s fish, what the rest of the field put up is what we expected things to look like with the new 15-inch minimum, taking around 300 inches to win. Steve, for instance, had 273.75 inches for second place.

But Ben found something special, a pond that was firing at the right time, and he put up a massive 570.25 inches of largemouth bass, besting Steve by 296.50 inches, nearly as much as Steve had on the board!

What a day! Congrats, man!

As mentioned, Steve took second place, while John held onto third with 254.50.

Clearly, the bite was tough for many, and the number dropped significantly from third place on. Lee Kennon took fourth place with 109.50, as well as pickerel lunker.

(Ben actually had pickerel lunker as well, but unfortunately submitted a photo that partially cropped out the fence of the photo, so it was denied.)

Finally, in fifth place was Nate Chagnon with 97.25. And overall lunker went to Brian O’Connor, who dropped a 20.50-inch spring fatty on the board.

Great job, everyone! Good to see a big turnout for this one.

Check out the full results here.

The Summer Brawl goes down on June 30!

FYI: When viewing these events on Fishing Chaos, you only see the submission time. So when you see numerous fish submitted less than a minute apart, this is why. Judges can see the rest of the data.

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Lake Cochituate Fishes Tough Once Again

Despite the weather being better than forecast, and water temps in the high forties to low 50s, Lake Cochituate fished tough for those fishing the first Northern Division event of the season.

If you were unable to follow along, tenth place had two bass for 31.25 inches. Yeah, that’s tough fishing! The money spots were as follows:

1st: Matthew Conant (81.00)
2nd: Mike Morcone (77.00)
3rd: Patrick Brown (75.25)
4th: Andrew Heath (72.25)
5th: Ari Stonehill (58.00)

Lunker: Andrew Heath (19.00)
Pickerel Lunker: Patrick Brown (21.25)
Double Down: Ken Wood (13.75)

Check out the full results here.

Congrats to all! Our next Northern Division Event will be at the Nashua River on May 25. The Nashua has a history of putting out some big bags.