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Beast Mode

Another tournament down!

Crazy day, weather-wise. The morning was windy and cloudy with a bit of sun. After a few hours the rain came barreling in and poured on us for another three hours or so, and then the wind calmed down and the sun came out and cooked us for the last two hours.

We had 14 anglers today and paid out three spots.

The bite was tough for me. I had one 11.25-inch dink until about 9 AM, then added a 15.50. I hopped over to Robbins Pond around 10 AM and was able to cobble together a limit of small fish. My last—and biggest—entered my net at 1:56 PM, four minutes before the tournament’s end.

Despite my struggling, plenty of fish were caught by the other guys. Some big girls, too, and one absolute BEAST! That would be Bruce Levy’s 23-inch slooooooob!

(Adding insult to our injury, he also had a 20.25.)

Bruce thought he didn’t have a scale, but it was in his yak all along. Bummer. The fish was over 7 pounds all day, though. No doubt.

And of course it was tournament lunker. Hard to beat a fish that big. Congrats, man!

Taking third place for the third time in a row (and fourth time this year): Donald Davis. He had a respectable 70.50 inches (as did Domenic Eno, in fact; but Don had the bigger fish for the tie-breaker). He pulled this off even after taking an old-man nap during the rainstorm.

Though the fish didn’t come easy for me today, I somehow managed to haul in a decent limit of 75 inches. That was enough for second place.

And for the third time this year, Bruce Levy comes out on top, taking home the trophy, the money, and Edmar! Anchored by two big fish, Bruce laid 84.75 inches down on the board today. Dude is on FIYA! Congrats, man!

As always, I appreciate everyone coming out.

Our next tournament is an evening/night tournament at the Nip on July 22. We will be fishing from 4 PM till midnight. If you plan on fishing with us, make sure you have the appropriate lights on your person or kayak.

Before that, though, we will be hosting the KBF Trail Event on Lake Winnipesaukee. This one goes down on July 8 (click here for details).

Sloppy Firsts

Great turnout today! We had 17 anglers, paid out four spots and lunker.

Tough bite for some of us. I couldn’t put anything together today. Two fish, and that was a struggle.

But as always, some people found fish.

In his first MAKB tournament, Steve Scott took fourth place, with a solid 73.25 inches. Good meeting you, man!

Third place went to Donald “Dropshot” Davis. He caught seven of his nine fish on the dropshot, for 74 inches even.

Shawn Renes doesn’t get to fish with us often, but when he does he usually does pretty damn good. Today was no exception. Shawn hauled in a hefty 78.50 inches worth of of bass, with a 17.75-inch kicker that took the lunker prize as well.

For the second time this year, first place went to Bruce Levy. Bruce fished the thick slop, way back in the stuff most fishermen overlook, and as often is the case, it paid off. He sealed the deal with 81.50 inches courtesy of his trusty “black and blue.”

You can see the full results here.

This was our biggest turnout yet! Thanks to everyone coming out. We appreciate it. It was a good time, as always.

Congrats, fellas. Great job out there!

Battle of the 6-Pounders

Hell of a day today.

Eleven of us braved the potentially bad weather and fished Stump Pond and its neighbor, Robbins Pond, for the sixth MAKB tournament of the year.

The day started with some mist and a bit of a spring chill in the air. Luckily it never really rained on us. Always a good thing. And no lightning! Even better.

I know some people caught fish early, but it took me about an hour to get a bite. The rest of the day was a grind, as it was for most people. I only caught six keeper bass. I don’t think anyone else “slayed ’em,” either.

Despite the grind, a lot of quality fish were caught. It was a quality over quantity kind of day.

How about two 6-pounders? My father, Paul Reed, caught a 6.4lb slob on a white spinnerbait. Also on a spinnerbait, I think, Craig Page landed a beastly 6.2lb bass.

Though Paul technically caught the bigger bass, as happens in by-length tournaments, his 21.25-inch bass lost out to Craig’s 21.5-inch bass. Lunker by a quarter of an inch—and the big bass of the year so far!

Congrats, Craig! Sorry, Dad. Wunh wuuuuuuuh.

I caught one bass on a spinnerbait, also white, but the rest came on frogs—one on the Damiki Air Frog, one on a Yamafrog, and the rest on a Culprit Marsh Frog. My five went 82.5 inches, good enough for third place.

Though he lost lunker, my father slung his trusty spinnerbait out over deeper weeds and hauled in a hefty five that went 85.75 inches. A little second place redemption. Congrats, dude!

First place went to newcomer Evan McCarthy. This was his first kayak tournament! If I remember correctly, most if not all of his fish came on a chatterbait. His biggest five went 88.75 inches, the second biggest limit of the year.

Congrats, Evan!

(I owe you a trophy, by the way. Sorry I forgot to give it to you. Though I guess it’s not a big deal since I need to swap out the engraving plate. The one on it is for the Johns Pond tourney, which we canceled. I’ll get it to you as soon as possible!)

Collectively, we caught a ridiculous 700.25 inches of bass! Outstanding job, fellas!

As always, thanks for coming out. It is very much appreciated!

And special nod once again to Edward Neely who came all the way from Springfield, and to Bruce Sullivan who made a two-hour trek from New Hampshire! Check out his club, Granite State Kayak Anglers, if you’re from NH.

The next tournament is in two weeks, July 23, at Neponset Reservoir. Hope to see you there!

Brutal Conditions Challenged All But One

And that’s a wrap! The first tournament is in the books, and it was brutal.

The wind blew so hard, there was a point where I couldn’t get ahead of it and thought I was going to be stranded on the other side of the lake. We all got our asses kicked by mother nature today.

And Don.

Don made the decision to break from the group and hop over to Robbins Pond first thing in the morning and it paid off big-time. He caught four over there early, and then caught a last-minute 13.5-incher in Stump Pond to fill out his limit for a total of 64.5 inches!

That was more than enough to take first place, $350, and a sweet trophy.

Second place went to Chris Diranian, with two fish for 29.25 inches. That netted him $100, and he also got $50 for lunker (15.75 inches).

I managed to catch a 12.75-inch bass at the end of the day, which was good enough for third place, $50, and my dignity. I would like to personally thank Tom Padovano for leaving early, because his 14-incher would have beaten mine.

(We’re talking about fish here, by the way.)

Anyway, we had 11 anglers total. Not a bad turnout at all. Good seeing some new faces and meeting new people. We hope you all join us again. The next tournament is May 7 at Billington Sea.

Congrats again, Don and Chris!