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Tight Lines & Tornadoes

Another one down!

Today was interesting. Things started out relatively calm, partly cloudy. Later, the rain started, light at first, then it stopped, then it picked up again. Torrential downpours followed, thunder, lightning, and a fun tornado warning.

The weather was all over the place today. Luckily we only had to pause for a short period of time.

Twenty-three anglers came out for this one. We paid out five spots, lunker largemouth and lunker pickerel.

Normally we’d rather not catch pickerel, but many of us were hunting them today. No one found a giant, but Allan Seniuk hauled in a 21-incher and took home a good chunk of change for his efforts.

A lot of solid bass were caught as well (out of 127 total), and the biggest was a 19.50 that Lee Kennon put on the board late in the afternoon.

Allan and Lee also fished their way into fifth and fourth places, each with 79.25, respectively. Congrats, fellas.

Last year’s A-1 champion, Bruce Levy, didn’t quite reach those heights again this year, but a respectable 82.75 landed him in third place. In fact, that’s 1.25 inches more than he won with last year.

After holding onto first for much of the day, I was bumped down to second sometime after noon, when I shut off the standings. I had an even 86 inches.

And the man who bumped me out of first place? Kevin Amaral! Kevin had a solid 87.25, which was more than enough for the victory! Congratulations, sir. Well deserved!

You can find the full standing here

Thanks for coming out, everyone, and thanks to those who rode out the storm! It was wet, but it was fun!

That sounds dirty. Haha.

Our next event is on August 18, our annual night tournament. This year it’s at Whitehall Reservoir in Hopkinton. You can register on TourneyX now.

Sloppy Firsts

Great turnout today! We had 17 anglers, paid out four spots and lunker.

Tough bite for some of us, but as always, some people found fish.

In his first MAKB tournament, Steve Scott took fourth place, with a solid 73.25 inches. Good meeting you, man!

Third place went to Donald “Dropshot” Davis. He caught seven of his nine fish on the dropshot, for 74 inches even.

Shawn Renes doesn’t get to fish with us often, but when he does he usually does pretty damn good. Today was no exception. Shawn hauled in a second-place-worthy 78.50 inches of bass, with a 17.75-inch kicker that took the lunker prize as well.

For the second time this year, first place went to Bruce Levy. Bruce fished the thick slop, way back in the stuff most fishermen overlook, and as often is the case, it paid off. He sealed the deal with 81.50 inches courtesy of his trusty “black and blue.”

You can see the full results here.

This was our biggest turnout yet! Thanks to everyone coming out. We appreciate it. It was a good time, as always.

Congrats, fellas. Great job out there!