Monthly archives: October, 2016

In the ZONE!

We couldn’t resist doing it one more time!

Seven of us ventured out to Canton Reservoir today for a “zone” tournmanet, where we were all restricted to one zone every two hours. It was an interesting format on a pretty tough day.

We used TourneyX for the first time. Some have used it in KBF online tourneys, but it was different using it in a live tournament, where you can check the standings……

A Foggy Start to a Fantastic End

Well, that does it. Our first ever tournament series is done!

Ten of us fished Norton Reservoir today. Great turnout! The weather was nice (for October). The day started calm and extremely foggy…and stayed that way for about three hours. When the fog cleared, I think all of us were surprised to find out where we actually were compared to where we thought we were! Ken Wood said he was about a……