Monthly archives: June, 2016

20 Epic Minutes!

Tournament #5 is done!

We fished Snipatuit Pond today. The day started calm and clear, so like probably everyone did, I started out fishing topwater. I didn’t have much luck catching bass, but did pretty damn good catching pickerel. We should’ve done a side pool for pickerel lunker. Haha.

Anyway, about an hour in I caught my first bass, a dink. I made my way into Black Pond around 9 AM, intending to first skip the frog under the overhanging bushes, but some other guys were fishing that area, so I moved down to the other end and began fishing the pads with a Damiki Air Frog. No luck in the pads…

Then I cast out deeper over some milfoil, and a giant inhaled the frog. The way it hit, I was convinced it was a pike or an 8-pounder. Unfortunately it was just 4lb 14oz (20.5″).

Not long after, in the same area, I pulled out another 4-pounder (19.25″). Right around the corner, flipping into a laydown, I got another (19.25″). Right after that, once again on the frog, I nailed another (19″).

Four four-pounders in twenty minutes! Unreal.

The bite died after that. It took me a couple hours to catch another bass. I skipped the frog up under a little culvert that had some water pouring into it from the bog on the other side, and a bass nailed it. It went 17.25″, which was good to cull the dink. And that was it for me, aside from a few more pickerel.

Pretty awesome day, though. I was in the right place at the right time.

Here are the complete results:

1st Place: Ken Wood – 95.25″
2nd Place: Chris Diranian – 60″
3rd Place: Bruce Levy (Bam) – 57″
Lunker: Ken Wood – 20.5″

Thanks again to everyone who came out. You guys rock! And congrats, Chris and Bruce!

Next one is Johns Pond on July 9. Hope to see you there!

It’s Good to Be King

And so tournament #4 is in the books!

The day started foggy and ended rainy. The forecast called for rain at 3 PM. But of course it started at 1 PM—and it was cold! It also stopped the moment we got off the water. Figures.

Edward Neely had a pretty good day, catching all his on topwater. He had five fish for 74 inches, which got him third place. Unfortunately, with just six people showing up we only paid out two spots.

Donald Davis and his brother-in-law, Jim Coleman, found them out “deep” and they both came in with 85.5 inches apiece.

And so the tie-breaker went to the angler with the biggest fish, which happened to be Donald Davis. Again. Don’s big fish went 21 inches, which also nabbed him the lunker pool!

Since we only paid out two spots, that means Jim took second. Congrats, fellas!

Thanks to everyone who came out! Despite the final hour downpour, it was a damn good time.

Next one is Snipatuit. Hope to see you there!