Twelve of us fished the Charles River today, and all of us caught limits. I think that’s the first time everyone has caught a limit in one of our events. Maybe not. I don’t know.

Anyway, we launched from four different areas along the river. I launched in Millis and went downstream. I caught my first bass within minutes and ended up catching well over 20 throughout the day. Fifteen of those were big enough for the Northeast No Limit Showdown, and my biggest five went 73.25 inches.

I was in first place early, then bumped to second by Mark. I knocked him down to second at some point, but shortly after my descent to seventh place began.

I just couldn’t find any big fish. Some did, though, as always.

Steve Scott landed the day’s lunker: a hefty 20-incher with a funky three-fingered tail.

In the last 45 minutes, Valber Santos put two on the board that bumped him up to 78.75 inches and into third place, where he stayed.

Donald Davis did the exact same thing: two last-hour fish that pushed him into second place with 80.50 inches.

First place was secured by 11 AM, and Allan Seniuk took home the cash and trophy with an even 81 inches.

See the full results here on TourneyX.

Congrats again, everyone! Glad you came out, hope to see you at the next one: Cook Pond on September 2!

And great meeting you, Jesse and Chris!